Capcom Strengths

Strength(1) Intellectual Properties (IP)

Capcom Characters Continue to Be Loved Around the World

We have continued to create a wealth of popular content (intellectual properties) since our founding, 34 years ago.
Today, our IP are loved the world over, and we are working to maximize profitability by expanding from games into movies, animation, stage productions and other works.

Key Point

  • Numerous intellectual properties that are popular worldwide
  • Multiplatform strategy for publishing to maximize number of units sold
  • Single Content Multiple Usage strategy to roll out intellectual properties into wide range of fields, including movies and merchandise

KPI (Fiscal year ended March 31, 2017)

  • Cumulative million-seller titles 79 titles
  • Number of units sold in fiscal year ended March 31, 2017 19.4 million units
  • Cumulative number of Hollywood movies using our IP 8 titles

Resident Evil series Total number of units sold 77 million (As of March 31,2017)

Mega Man series Total number of units sold 31 million (As of March 31,2017)

Street Fighter series Total number of units sold 39 million (As of March 31,2017)

Monster Hunter series Total number of units sold 40 million (As of March 31,2017)

Our Strengths Reinforce ESG

Growing our fan base and contributing to society with our IPs

We actively use our intellectual properties to contribute to society. Capcom characters are highly popular among the youth demographic, so we utilize this brand awareness to support things like the development of the tourism industry, cultural promotion and the improvement of public order. Not only do these activities provide social value, but they can also be expected to introduce our content to a wider audience, further improving our brand value and growing our fan base.

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