Game Series Sales

With a focus on delivering quality products to a wide audience, Capcom has worked diligently to create innovative and exciting sequels to existing popular franchises with the aim of growing its customer base and strengthening its revenues.

Monster Hunter is one of Capcom's many popular franchises, and since its 2004 debut, the series has grown to include a plethora of merchandise, firmly establishing it as one of the premier franchises in all of video games.

Another popular Capcom series, Resident Evil, which effectively created the survival horror genre, has also established itself as a prominent franchise recognized throughout the world. The games have continued to appeal to a wide variety of fans by delivering a fresh take for each entry, with the series now growing to over 157 million units in cumulative sales worldwide.

At Capcom, we strongly believe that providing innovative sequels to beloved franchises increases recognition of our products, while also increasing customer loyalty.
As always, we will to strive to exceed the expectations of series fans by continuing to provide the freshest, most innovative forms of entertainment.

(Million units)
  • Dragon's Dogma

    Unit Sales

    This series features action role-playing games in which players adventure in an expansive, open-world fantasy setting of swords and magic. The player embarks on a journey to defeat the dragon but must solve numerous mysteries along the way. Since the first game's release in 2012, the series has become successful by combining exhilarating action with social features in which players can borrow and loan characters with friends online.

  • Lost Planet

    Unit Sales

    This series of action and shooting games challenges players to discover the truth hidden on a bitterly cold planet and delivers a world of unparalleled realism. Starting with the first game's release in 2006, the series attracted attention worldwide.

  • Dead Rising

    Unit Sales

    This zombie action series challenges players to fend off hordes of zombies by any means necessary and uncover the truth behind the horrific incident that started the zombie outbreak. Since the first release in August 2006, the series has become highly successful due to its outstanding action and humorous universe.

  • Okami

    Unit Sales

    Okami is a nature-themed action game in which the hero takes on the form of a wolf named Amaterasu and does battle with ghouls and ghosts in order to restore nature's beauty to a devastated world. It delivers an audacious visual interpretation of nature and animals, rich and beautiful, rendered in a vivid Japanese-style through unique design techniques that do not rely on tone shaders. Since its release in 2006, Okami has garnered numerous awards, and continues to expand the possibilities of visual artwork within a game.

  • Sengoku BASARA

    Unit Sales

    Sengoku BASARA is a series of action games that brings a unique and refreshing approach to the historical events and warlords of Japan's Warring States period. Since the launch of the first installment in 2005 Capcom has pursued its Single Content Multiple Usage strategy to leverage the brand and expand the spectacular world of Sengoku BASARA to a breadth of entertainment mediums, including animation and stage productions. Moreover, characters from the series are being used in collaboration with museums and local governments, playing the role of mascot in both gubernatorial elections and an automobile break-in prevention campaign.

  • Monster Hunter

    Unit Sales

    The Monster Hunter series features action RPG games that pit players against giant monsters in a beautiful natural environment. The series has sparked a social phenomenon known as the "Monster Hunter Craze" by introducing a new kind of communication style through cooperative play focused on hunting monsters with friends. The number of fans has increased steadily since the first Monster Hunter title made its debut in 2004, growing the series into a megahit.

  • Ace Attorney

    Unit Sales

    In the Ace Attorney game series, players take on the role of a defense attorney who fights for the lives of his clients. Since the first game in the series was released in October 2001, Capcom has successfully leveraged this brand in comic books and merchandise, as well as in live-action movie and stage productions, including shows by the Takarazuka Revue Company.

  • Devil May Cry

    Unit Sales

    This stylish action game series is lauded for its diverse cast of characters and exhilarating gameplay. Since releasing the first game in 2001, Capcom has delivered successive titles featuring breathtaking graphics backed by state-of-the-art home video game technology. As a result, Devil May Cry has garnered popularity the world over.

  • Onimusha

    Unit Sales

    Set in Japan's Warring States Period, this Japanese sword fighting action game progresses as a young warrior destroys enemies and solves mysteries. Capcom made headlines by using a well-known Japanese actor as the model for the game's hero. The first Onimusha title appeared in 2001. Since then, this series has become highly successful by offering games that feature outstanding action alongside thrilling, poignant stories.

  • Dino Crisis

    Unit Sales

    Set in a world that comes straight from science fiction, this game series gives players a sense of the fear that powerless humans would have felt when dinosaurs attack. The series takes full advantage of Capcom's expertise in the action adventure genre, and has won rave reviews for its realistic dinosaur movements as well as for the intricate web of mysteries it has for players to solve. These features have coalesced to make Dino Crisis an enormous hit.

  • Marvel vs. Capcom

    Unit Sales

    This fighting game series features iconic characters from MARVEL Entertainment, a globally-recognized brand, as well as Capcom's extensive game library, battling it out in a collaboration for the ages. Since its debut in 1998, the series has wowed a global audience with its fluid animations and stunning graphics.

  • Resident Evil

    Unit Sales

    Resident Evil is a series of survival-horror games in which players use weapons and other items to escape from desperate situations. The first game in the series was released in 1996. As one of Capcom's best-known franchises, Resident Evil maintains an impressive, global fanbase even today, more than 25 years since the first title made its debut.

  • Breath of Fire

    Unit Sales

    Breath of Fire features a hero who can transform himself into a dragon. The game is centered on the story of this character's growth, even as he is troubled by this enormous power. Each title in this series generated an enormous response from game players, and passionate Breath of Fire fans can be found in Japan and around the world. With this large base of support, Breath of Fire ranks as one of Capcom's best-known role-playing games.

  • Final Fight

    Unit Sales

    Making its debut in 1989 as an arcade game, Final Fight was next released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and other platforms. Categorized as "beat ‘em up" side-scrolling action games, this series is popular for its highly distinctive characters and challenging difficulty. Following its initial release, Final Fight became symbolic of a new type of side-scrolling action games, which came to be known as "Final Fight-type" games.

  • Street Fighter

    Unit Sales

    First released as an arcade game in 1987, Street Fighter has grown to become the world's premier fighting game series. The Super Famicom (SNES) version of the game, which debuted in 1992, became a megahit that sold 6.3 million units worldwide.

  • Mega Man

    Unit Sales

    Mega Man is a series of action games whose first title debuted on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987. The game's popularity is due to the contrast between its challenging gameplay and memorable character designs. The series has made its way into the hearts of fans around the world through not only video games, but also through merchandise, comics, animated TV series, movies and several other types of media as well.

  • Ghosts'n Goblins

    Unit Sales

    This action game began as an arcade game in 1985 and was brought to the Nintendo Entertainment System the following year. The object is to rescue a princess from demons and various other creatures. When Ghosts'n Goblins was first released, players who were able to complete the game successfully gained considerable status because of the game's high level of difficulty.

  • Commando

    Unit Sales

    Capcom's first action and shooting game, Commando was launched in 1985 as an arcade game. The player manipulated a character named Super Joe with the goal of destroying enemy bases. In subsequent versions, Capcom added jeeps and tanks, the ability for three players to compete at once, and many other new elements to make the game more enjoyable.

  • 1942

    Unit Sales

    This scrolling action game requires players to use a fighter plane to shoot down enemy aircraft. One key feature is the ability to fly in a loop to avoid the enemy. It was launched in 1984 as an arcade game and was subsequently brought to the Nintendo Entertainment System.