Financial Results

Mid-Term Plan

The business environment surrounding the game industry is continually changing. Along with setting a medium-term management goal of increasing operating income each fiscal year through building up a stable earnings foundation, we have established specific initiatives to accelerate future business growth.

Medium-term Management Objective:

・Aim for annual OP growth (of 10% or more), supported by stably-built earnings foundation

Medium-Term Goals Going Forward

・Medium-term: Focusing on growing digital sales in Consumer sub-segment

・Long-term: Build mobile, licensing and eSports into future revenue sources

Consumer sales volume growth

・Continue to grow sales volume each year by leveraging annual major title releases and digital distribution to expand sales regions and platforms

Important Themes for FY2021

・Forecast 9th consecutive fiscal year of operating income growth driven by Digital Contents business

・Aim to achieve record Consumer sub-segment sales volume of 32 million units by leveraging two major titles: Resident Evil Village and Monster Hunter Rise.

・Prioritizing safety in carrying out business operations while working to minimize the impact of COVID-19.
Anticipate any impact on business performance to be negligible at this point in time.