Our principle is to be a creator of entertainment culture. Through development of highly creative software contents that excite people and stimulate their senses, we have been aiming to offer an entirely new level of game entertainment. Since Capcom’s establishment in 1983, we have developed numerous products with world-class development capabilities as our strength.

Game content, an artistic media product that fascinates people, consisting of highly creative, multi-faceted elements such as characters, storyline, worldview and music, makes use of a variety of media that permeates our daily lives.

Going forward, Capcom aims to become a unique company recognized around the world for content brimming with originality.

Origin of “Capcom” Name

CAPCOM was founded in 1983, when game machines became widely acknowledged as a popular entertainment medium from a niche market.

This trend was a major motivating factor as CAPCOM was founded to create content based on a new kind of entertainment: “people matching wits against computers”.

The name CAPCOM is an abbreviation of CAPsule COMputer. This was a phrase symbolic of an internal company objective to create a new gaming experience that would exceed that of rival personal computers which had also been increasing in popularity during the same period.

The “Capsule” segment of the CAPCOM name was based on 2 key concepts: “a container packed to the brim with fun” and “a desire to create securely packaged games to decrease the rapid expansion of pirated materials”.