Corporate Governance Structure and Initiatives | Structure

Shareholders and investors have made the effective functioning of internal control into a key issue amidst an epidemic of corporate misconduct in Japan and overseas. In this section, Capcom will explain the corporate governance structure and systems that it has initiated so far based on the key concepts of “effectiveness and visibility” in terms of the results of third party assessment.
(Assessment areas are highlighted in yellow.)

  • Capcom Corporate Governance Guidelines (June 21, 2023)


  • Corporate Governance Report (June 21, 2023)



Corporate Governance Structure

Enhancing management soundness and transparency while responding to changes in the environment

Capcom established the Corporate Governance Guidelines as the basic policy on corporate governance to achieve stable growth and increase corporate value over the medium to long term. We work continually to enhance our corporate governance structure.

Shareholders’ Meeting(Convened on June 23, 2022)

Determines important matters as the highest decision-making body

The general shareholders’ meeting serves as Capcom’s highest decision-making body and determines important matters prescribed by laws, regulations, and the Company’s Articles of Incorporation, as well as serves as a place for communicating the audit results of divisional reports and consolidated financial statements.

Invitations to the general shareholders’ meeting are issued approximately three weeks before convening the session, and efforts are made to allow for greater attendance by having the session before the date on which most other companies hold their meetings. We have also made it possible for shareholders to exercise their voting rights over the internet using a computer, smartphone or tablet. In addition, we participate in an electronic voting rights exercise platform for institutional investors so that they will have sufficient time to review the proposals.

Board of Directors(Convened 10 times in the year ended March 31, 2022)Supervision

Management decisions that incorporate external directors’ opinions

The Board of Directors is composed of 15 directors (chaired by the Representative Director and Chairman of the Board), with seven of the directors being external directors.

The Board deliberates on important matters stipulated by laws, regulations, and the Rules of the Board of Directors, and strives to strengthen supervisory functions through the guidance, suggestions, and active comments of external directors.

Composition of Board of Directors and voluntary committees (In the year ended March 31, 2022)

Audit and Supervisory Committee
(Convened 11 times in the year ended March 31, 2022)Audit

Cooperating with accounting auditors and the internal audit department to audit and supervise

The Audit and Supervisory Committee (chaired by an external director) is composed of three directors (two of whom are full-time members), with two of the three directors being external directors.

In principle, the committee meets before a Board of Directors’ meeting is convened. The committee deliberates on important matters stipulated by the Rules for the Audit and Supervisory Committee and strives to strengthen audits and supervision.

Audit and Supervisory Committee members selected by the same committee carry out on-site audits themselves and, in order to increase the efficacy of audits, carry out dynamic organizational audits, including issuing instructions and other actions as necessary to, among others, the Internal Audit Division (directly under the control of the Audit and Supervisory Committee). The Internal Audit Division strives to ensure that audits function effectively by reporting the status of audits and improvements, and other issues to Audit and Supervisory Committee members.

The Nomination and Remuneration Committee
(Convened four times in the year ended March 31, 2022)

Selection of candidates for director and deliberating and recommending details of director compensation

The voluntary Nomination and Remuneration Committee (chaired by an external director) is composed of seven directors (three of whom are internal directors and four of whom are external directors), with a majority of members being external directors.

Each committee member is selected based on the Board of Directors’ appraisal of his or her knowledge, insight, experience, and other qualities. The Nomination and Remuneration Committee deliberates on the nomination and remuneration of directors and submits reports in response to inquiries from the Board of Directors.

The main matters reviewed upon receiving an inquiry are as follows:

a. Matters related to nominations

(i)   Policy for selecting candidates for director to be submitted to the General Meeting of Shareholders

(ii)  Selection of candidates for director to be submitted to the General Meeting of Shareholders

(iii) Selection of corporate officers

(iv) Selection of corporate officers with titles

(v)  Successor plan

(vi)  Other matters related to the above

b. Matters related to remuneration

(i)   Policy on director remuneration

(ii)  Fixed remuneration and performance linked remuneration

(iii) Performance evaluations related to individual remuneration

(iv) Performance evaluations related to bonuses

(v)  Other matters related to the above

The Compliance Committee
(Convened four times in the year ended March 31, 2022)

Focusing on Compliance as an Important Management Issue

The Compliance Committee is composed of 14 directors (seven of whom are external directors, and the committee chairman is an attorney and external director).

In principle, the committee convenes once per quarter. Its primary activities are to analyze and assess risks to Capcom Group compliance and consider what action to take. In addition, the committee strives for early detection and prevention of legal violations or inappropriate conduct by finding internal risks and reporting their probability of materializing to the Board of Directors.

Accounting Auditors

Ensuring and Verifying Accounting Transparency

Capcom has concluded an auditing contract with KPMG AZSA LLC for financial audits as prescribed by the Companies Act and financial audits as prescribed by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law. There is no special relationship involving financial or other interests between Capcom and this audit corporation or the engagement partners at this firm who perform audits at Capcom.

Auditor Remuneration (Year ended March 31, 2022)

Compensation for
Audit Operations
Compensation for
Non-Audit Operations
Delivery company 58 million yen
Consolidated subsidiary
Total 58 million yen
Auditing Company Names of Certified Public Accountants
a limited liability audit corporation
Designated Limited Liability Partners Yasuhito Kondo
Tomohiro Yamanaka

Note: The financial audit team was composed of: certified public accountants (10 members), and candidates for CPA who passed the new CPA exam, plus associates in charge of system audits (10 members).

Internal Audit Division

Verifying legal compliance and operating efficiencies

In order for effective audits to be carried out, Capcom has established an Internal Audit Division and determines auditing policies, schedules, methods, and the allocation of duties after the end of the shareholders’ meeting.

The main activities of the Internal Audit Division are verifying and evaluating the status of employees’ execution of duties and the efficacy (and status of operation) of internal control systems, and reporting to the Audit and Supervisory Committee. When needed, division members also accompany selected Audit and Supervisory Committee members and carry out on-site audits of offices and subsidiaries inside and outside Japan.

Corporate Management Council (Convened 13 times in the year ended March 31, 2022)Implementation

Supporting the Board of Directors’ decisions

The Corporate Management Council (chaired by the Representative Director and Chairman of the Board) is composed of eight internal directors and, in principle, is convened several days before a meeting of the Board of Directors, or whenever necessary.

In addition to meeting to carry out preliminary deliberations of Board of Directors agenda items, it also deliberates other important items.

Board of Corporate Officers
(Convened 12 times in the year ended March 31, 2022)Implementation

Executing operations based on management policy

Capcom utilizes a Corporate Officer System. In addition to clarifying the roles and responsibilities of directors focused on management and corporate officers focused on business execution, the system boosts management efficiency by allowing officers to swiftly execute business following instructions from executive directors regarding important matters determined at the Board of Directors.

The Board of Corporate Officers is composed of 14 corporate officers (six of whom serve concurrently as directors), and in principle, convenes once a month. Each corporate officer reports on the status of business execution and works to ensure that information is shared, while also exchanging opinions on business items and issues that require resolution.