• Environmental CSR Initiatives
    Environmental CSR Initiatives
    Digital content software development and sales account for more than 70% of Capcom's consolidated net sales, thus our environmental impact is low compared to typical product manufacturers. Our main environmental impact comes from office work and product distribution, areas in which we strive to conserve energy.
  • The Social Dimension of CSR Activities
    The Social Dimension of CSR Activities
    Capcom has a strong commitment to serving as a responsible and trusted member of society. We will continue to conduct extensive CSR activities that include promoting employee diversity as well as enhancing their skills, and the use of our popular game characters to invigorate communities and prevent crime.
  • Corporate Governance
    Corporate Governance
    Capcom is aware that comprehensive corporate governance ranks among management's most important priorities. We make the utmost effort to enhance management health and transparency and maintain an organization that is responsive to changes in the business environment while focusing efforts on improving the satisfaction of shareholders, customers, employees and all our stakeholders.