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Stock Splits

(as of April 1, 2021)

A stock split is a division of stock that increases the number of shares issued as stipulated in Article 183 of the Corporation Law.

Although a stock split increases the number of shares issued, there is no change in net assets or capital. As a result, the price per share declines. The lower price makes the stock easier to buy and sell, which raises the stock's liquidity.

Stock Splits

Stock Splits (Excel: 24KB)

April, 2021 Stock Split 1:2
April, 2018 Stock Split 1:2
May, 2000 Stock Split 1:1.5
May, 1994 Stock Split 1:1.2
May, 1993 Stock Split 1:1.5
May, 1992 Stock Split 1:1.4
May, 1991 Rights Offering 1:0.3