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Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

We have released the following statement for the year 2020 regarding the Modern Slavery Act 2015 implemented in the United Kingdom, as a corporation that carries out business in that country.

Statement on MODERN SLAVERY ACT 2015 ("MSA")

This statement is made on behalf of CAPCOM CO., LTD. ("Capcom"), a company incorporated in Japan, and its affiliated companies including CE EUROPE LTD., a company incorporated in England & Wales, ("CEE") (collectively "Capcom Group") with regards to the MSA which requires organizations to be transparent about their efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking in their supply chain.

We, Capcom Group, are a game software developer headquartered in Osaka, Japan. We develop and provide contents, including but not limited to, the planning, development, manufacturing, sales and distribution of console games, online games, mobile games and arcade games as well as running amusement arcades. Further details can be found at For these business activities, we are provided, by our supply chains, with component materials of game software, such as programs, computer graphics, illustrations, and music, as well as software necessary to develop our game software.

We recognize that modern slavery is a pervasive and insidious global issue, and to fulfill our social responsibility, we declare that we have a zero-tolerance policy for slavery and human trafficking. We give careful consideration to Section 54 "Transparency in Supply Chains" of the MSA.

We ensure compliance regarding MSA by implementing and verifying the following within the fiscal year ending 31 March, 2021:

  • We have an Internal Code of Conduct which requires us both to protect human rights and to prevent forced labor.
  • Our terms and conditions of contracts require our suppliers to comply with all the laws and regulations.
  • We announced about MSA to our personnel including management members and employees of Capcom and CEE. In that regard, during the fiscal year ending 31 March, 2021, we trained employees of Capcom by e-learning which includes questions concerning MSA.
  • We have been engaging in research activities constantly to further enrich our knowledge on slave labor and MSA.
  • We also gather information about slave labor and human trafficking through our internal reporting hotline.

We will continue our effort necessary to prevent slave labor and human trafficking within our supply chains. In addition to the measures mentioned above, we will continue to consider and practice required steps to comply with MSA.

This statement was approved by the Board of Directors of Capcom on 29 July, 2021.

29 July, 2021

Haruhiro Tsujimoto, President, Capcom, Co. Ltd.


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