Capcom is committed to serving as a responsible and trusted member of society. In addition to continuing to promote employee diversity as and training, we utilize our popular game characters to contribute to community revitalization and crime prevention.

Promoting Healthy Relationships with Games

More than a decade of on-site classes for children in school

Games are a relatively new cultural phenomenon with little academic research, and discussions tend to focus on the detrimental effects rather than the educational aspects. Recently, recognition by WHO of gaming disorder made headlines as did the establishment of the Kagawa Prefectural Ordinance on Countermeasures for Addiction to Internet and Computer Games. However, video game creator is a popular future career choice among children, and programming and other such lessons will be made compulsory in Japanese elementary schools starting in 2020. Many private sector efforts are also underway, including opening programming academies for youth. Considering these developments, it is reasonable to expect that the number of children hoping to become game creators will increase. Additionally, smartphone use rates among young people—53.4% of elementary school students and 80.8% of junior high school students—are rising each year. Smartphone games are also gaining popularity and children are growing more familiar with games.

Given this, with a desire to promote social understanding of games, we accept visits to our offices from primarily elementary and junior high school students and conduct on-site classes at schools to promote sustainable economic growth and social development. Class programs have three sessions: Career Education introduces the work done in a game company and its challenges and rewards; Game Literacy Education helps students use their judgement to build a healthy relationship with games; and CAPCOM: Work × Mathematics shows students how mathematics—typically not a favorite subject—is used in work. These programs have been well-received with schools, and Capcom is incorporating educators’ feedback to improve them. In addition, based on prior feedback expressed by educators we launched an online program starting in fiscal 2021, which also allows us to hold classes smoothly even during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue to launch new initiatives to enable us to respond flexibly over a wider geographical area than before.

Altogether, Capcom has welcomed 3,355 children as part of 403 different field trips to its offices (as of March 31, 2022). Capcom has also held 174 on-site classes for 15,726 students (as of March 31, 2022) including the first online class held at Kawane Junior High School in Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture in June 2021.

Impressions of the on-site classes (An excerpt of FY2021 comments)

・The students realized the importance of communication skills and classroom studies, so it was very beneficial. (Junior high school teacher)

・What left the biggest impression for me was the part about how to happily stop playing. When you talked about using big and small rewards, I was surprised to learn about such a method. (Junior high school student)

・If you were to make a learning program for tablets used at school, I think the children would be able to work on their studies with a more game-like mindset. (Elementary school teacher)

Supporting Social Welfare

Support for creating stable environments

As a game publisher, not only are children customers that play with our products but they are also potential future leaders that may become employees. Needless to say, a stable environment is necessary to play games, but education is essential for choosing a profession.

In the fiscal year ended March 2022, we donated a total of 100 million yen to three organizations that are working on the healthy development of children, including the Fund to Support Children’s Future.

We also committed to provide 100 million yen to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to support refugees from Ukraine whose plight has recentlygained worldwide attention.

Support for Children in Need
Organization Amount of support
Fund to Support Children’s Future, Welfare and Medical Service Agency 50 million yen
Single Mothers Forum
(an authorized nonprofit organization)
40 million yen
Child Center Nukku (specified nonprofit organization) 10 million yen
Support for Refugees from Ukraine
Organization Amount of support
UNHCR, the UN refugee agency 100 million yen

* Supported through Japan for UNHCR (an authorized nonprofit organization), the official representative of UNHCR in Japan for accepting aid

Supporting the Promotion of Culture and Technology

Communicating the future of play to the world from Osaka

Capcom made the decision to support and set up a booth at the Osaka Pavilion to be opened at Expo 2025 (Osaka, Kansai Expo), which will be put together by the Expo 2025 Osaka Pavilion Promotion Committee. The theme will be “the future of play,” and we will co-create content experiences that leverage our cutting-edge technology/development capabilities and global brand to communicate the future to the world.

Supporting the Promotion of Sports

Contributing to healthy mental and physical development through support for sports

In April 2022, Capcom expressed its endorsement of the goal of the Japan Volleyball Association (JVA) to foster humanity while contributing to both the healthy development of children and young people as well as to the mental and physical growth of the nation through the greater promotion and advancement of the sport of volleyball. We are supporting the activities of the Japanese men’s and women’s volleyball teams in Japan and abroad as well as the promotion of the sport of volleyball.

We also signed an agreement with Cerezo Osaka in August 2022 establishing Capcom as a Top Partner. We will continue to support Cerezo Osaka, the representative soccer club of Capcom’s hometown, so that through both gaming and soccer we can realize our slogan of “From Osaka, to the World.”

Signed an official sponsorship agreement with Japan Volleyball Association

Entered into a sponsorship deal to be a Top Partner of Cerezo Osaka

Contributions to Regional Revitalization

Utilizing the appeal and brand recognition of popular games to contribute to society

The appeal of video game content was demonstrated to the world during the opening ceremonies of the preeminent international sporting event of summer 2021 held in Tokyo when video game music was played to accompany the entrance of the athletic teams. In the same vein, Capcom is following a Single Content Multiple Usage strategy for our content, which we deploy in a wide range of fields beyond video games. As such, we are proud to have a high level of recognition and popularity among men and women, young and old alike.

Based on our corporate philosophy of making people happy through games, since the mid-2000s Capcom has been engaged in the following four regional revitalization activities not only in Osaka, where we have our head office, but across Japan:

  1. Economic promotion that supports the local tourism industries
  2. Cultural awareness raising that supports education concerning local history and culture
  3. Crime prevention education through coordination with the police
  4. Raising awareness about voting in elections in coordination with the Committee for Election Administration

Further, going forward we will provide support for esports activities regionally throughout Japan while looking into activities to promote regional revitalization through playing games.

Comments from city official

Nobumichi Sukenaka, Director of Juvenile Division Community Safety Department, Osaka Prefectural Police Headquarters

Nobumichi Sukenaka

Director of Juvenile Division
Community Safety Department,
Osaka Prefectural Police Headquarters

In recent years, marijuana abuse has been increasing among juveniles in Osaka. To address the problem, the Osaka Prefectural Police have been searching for high-impact public relations content that has a high deterrent effect. Capcom showed understanding of the intent behind our efforts and created an attention-grabbing original poster for us using characters from The Great Ace Attorney.

The poster was picked up and covered by the media and received a big response from the public. We believe that it served as a warning to the community and was highly effective in preventing marijuana abuse among juveniles.

We are deeply grateful to Capcom. We look forward to continued support for the happy and healthy development of the youth who will lead Osaka in the future.