ESG Digest

ESG Digest
Environment, Social, and Governance Results


10% Reduction in CO2 Emissions throughout All Buildings

Our new R&D Building #2 (opened in 2016) and the Capcom Technical Center are equipped with LED lighting and displacement air conditioning systems, which reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 10%* overall versus previous levels.

* Assumes energy consumption of 100% without introduction of this equipment.

CO2 emissions 10% reduction


Percentage of External Directors

Governance Reform Initiatives

Generally, an owner-run company excels at flexibility and fast decision making, though concerns may exist over the difficulty of passing on management to the next generation. At Capcom, we strive to make management more transparent and visible, and have implemented various governance reforms. We proactively appoint external directors, with 50% of our directors now external directors.

Main Governance Reform Initiatives

Month/year Measure Purpose
Jul. 1999 Introduced Corporate Officer System Clearly separated execution of management and supervision
Jun. 2001 Brought on board first two external directors Strengthened management monitoring functions
Jun. 2001 Increased number of external auditors by one, appointing three Strengthened auditing functions
Feb. 2002 Established Remuneration Committee Secured fairness and propriety of director remuneration decisions
Jun. 2002 Increased number of external directors by one, appointing three Strengthened management monitoring functions
Apr. 2003 Established Compliance Committee Prevented violations of laws and ordinances
Apr. 2011 Established Audit Committee Strengthening risk management through auditing the state of business administration
Jun. 2014 Shortened director terms from two years to one year Clarified director management responsibilities
Jun. 2016 Transitioned into a company with an audit and supervisory committee, reaching a 50% ratio of external directors Strengthened supervisory function of Board of Directors meetings
Jun. 2016 Established Nominating Committee Secured objectivity and propriety of decision process for selecting director candidates

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