Capcom History

Capcom History

Capcom Sales, Note:  1983–1988: Fiscal years ended December 31, 1989–2017: Fiscal years ended March 31

From Capcom of Japan to Capcom of the World


1983, Capcom Co., Ltd., was established in Osaka. The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) came out that same year, but it was difficult to develop high-quality arcade-level content for, so Capcom focused business development on the creation and sales of arcade games using the proprietary high-spec circuit board "CP System."

1979 Established the I.R.M. Corporation in Matsubara, Osaka (capital of 10 million yen) with objectives of developing and selling arcade game machines.
1983 Established the previous CAPCOM CO., LTD., (capital of 10 million yen) in Hirano, Osaka, with the objective of selling software.
1983 Established the Tokyo Branch in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
1985 Established CAPCOM U.S.A., INC., in California to distribute Capcom’s products in the U.S.A.
1989 Merged the previous CAPCOM CO., LTD., with SANBI. Changed corporate name to CAPCOM CO., LTD., and moved the head office to Higashi-ku, Osaka.
1989 Established a resident office in the U.K.


Released our first originally developed coin-op Little League.


Released our first arcade video game Vulgus.


Released our first home video game 1942 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).


Released Mega Man for the NES.

Big Hits Drive Business Expansion

In the 1990s, the arrival of Super NES prompted Capcom to formally enter home video game development. Numerous hit titles were created that drew on Capcom’s arcade game development expertise. The Single Content Multiple Usage strategy was launched in earnest in 1994 with the release of a Hollywood movie and animated movie based on Street Fighter.

1990 Stocks registered as OTC securities with the Japan Securities Dealers Association.
1993 Established CAPCOM ASIA CO., LTD. in Hong Kong to distribute Capcom’s products in Southeast Asia.
1993 Stock listed on the second section of the Osaka Stock Exchange.
1993 Held Street Fighter II Turbo Championship 93 in Kokugikan, a forerunner of today’suse of fighting games in eSports.
1994 Constructed head office, which was relocated to Uchihirano-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka.
1995 Completed construction of the R&D Building
1999 Stock changed listing to the First Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
1999 Adopted executive officer system.


Released Street Fighter II for the Super NES.


Released Breath of Fire for the Super NES.


Released Resident Evil for PlayStation, a long-time seller which had record breaking sales, and established the genre of survival horror.

Going Global

In 2000, Capcom listed its shares on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In the 2000s, Capcom created one hit title after another that gained popularity overseas. The Hollywood movie version of Resident Evil earned 102 million dollars globally, part of a six title hit series that continues to spread the Capcom brand throughout the world.

2000 Stock was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2001 Appointed two external directors for the first time.
2002 Established CE EUROPE LTD. in the U.K.
2002 Increased the number of external directors by one, bringing the total to three.
2002 Established the Compensation Committee.
2003 Established CEG INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT GmbH in Germany.
2003 Established the Compliance Committee.
2005 Launched educational support activities for elementary and junior high school students as part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a game manufacturer.
2007 Established CAPCOM ENTERTAINMENT KOREA CO., LTD. in South Korea.
2008 Made ENTERRISE CO., LTD. a subsidiary.
2008 Made K2 CO., LTD. a wholly-owned subsidiary.
2008 Established Capcom Entertainment France SAS in France.


Released Onimusha for PlayStation 2. The first game for PlayStation 2 to become a million-seller in Japan.

Released Devil May Cry for PlayStation 2.


Released Sengoku BASARA for PlayStation 2.


Released Dead Rising for Xbox 360. Became a million-seller, unprecedented for a new title created for a new game console.

Media Diversification

The smartphone and tablet game app market is growing rapidly.
Capcom has released titles featuring our intellectual properties in this market. We are also staying ahead of technological advances by developing games for dedicated consoles that make use of virtual reality.

2010 Established CAPCOM GAME STUDIO VANCOUVER, INC. in Canada.
2011 Established the Audit Committee.
2012 Established CAPCOM TAIWAN CO., LTD. in Taiwan.
2015 Signed a Comprehensive Partnership Agreement with the city of Kofu to promote vitalization of the local economy by using Capcom characters.
2016 Completed construction of the R&D Building #2 in Osaka City.
2016 Transitioned into a company with an audit and supervisory committee, with a 50% ratio of external directors.
2016 Established the Nominating Committee.


Released the home video game Dragon’s Dogma.
It sold over one million units, uncommon in recent years for a new brand.


Released Resident Evil 7 biohazard. Full support for VR became a hot topic.


Monster Hunter: World to be released worldwide.

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