Business Model

Business Model

Leverage our three strengths
to create popular content and generate value to society

In line with our corporate philosophy, Capcom aims to improve its economic value; we do this by engaging in risk control through governance, while also creating original content (intellectual property) with our advanced development capabilities and fully leveraging the intellectual properties we’ve created.
By providing the value generated through these activities to society and engaging in a series of activities to reinvest in the future, while also living up to the expectations of our stakeholders and society at large, we are growing our corporate value.

Create popular content

Single Content Multiple Usage

Develop games for multiple platforms

User base expanded through spread of smartphones

Net sales as of March 31, 2017 58.7 billion yen

Home Video Games/PC Online/Digital Download Contents/Mobile Contents

Multimedia development of content

Accelerate roll-out of content to various forms of media and cultivate non-game user segment

et sales as of March 31, 2017 28.4 billion yen

Movies/Merchandising/Arcade Game Machines/Publishing/Arcade Operations/Events/Character Merchandising

OUTPUT (Non-financial Results)

  • 2 titles achieved million-seller status
  • Hired 150 new graduates as developers
  • Operations began at new R&D building
  • 5 local revitalization projects
  • 58 educational support activities
  • Senior tours at 26 arcades
  • Transitioned to a company with an audit and supervisory committee

Net sales as of March 31, 2017 87.1 billion yen


  • Provided joy and stress relief
  • Stimulated communication between generations
  • Advanced technology spurred new industries
  • Contributed to local revitalization
  • Provided space for senior citizens to interact
  • Created inbound effect from raising consciousness around gaming culture
  • Secured human resources in the IP industry

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