Invested in People, Committed to Growth
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Continuing to create both financial and
non-financial value

Achieving nine consecutive years of increased operating income

The game industry is continuously changing, in step with the evolution of AI, communications, and other advanced technologies. At Capcom, we see these changes as an opportunity, and as a result of our efforts to strengthen our development structure and promote digitalization, the fiscal year ended March 2022 marks nine consecutive years of increased operating income. Though we split our stock on April 1, 2018 and again on April 1, 2021 to improve its fluidity and expand our investor base, as our performance improves, our stock price also continues to rise steadily. We will continue to increase our corporate value (market capitalization) with sustainable business growth so that we can reward our stockholders’ loyalty.

Increasing Corporate Value
                            by Growing Income
                            10% Each Year

Providing smiles and moving hearts all across the globe

Since Capcom’ s founding in 1983, we have continued to move hearts and deliver smiles through the entertainment of games. In recent years, the spread of the internet, PCs, and smartphones has made it possible to enjoy games while at home, or in all corners of the globe, even without a game console. Further, our game software sales volume has been increasing, driven primarily by digital sales, and our titles can be enjoyed in more than 200 different counties and regions worldwide. We will continue to strive in our business activities in an effort to contribute to the improvement of quality of life for people throughout the world by providing high quality entertainment.

Providing Games in Over 200 Countries and Regions
                            Aiming for 100 Million Units
                            in Sales Volume per Year


Management Message

Corporate Philosophy

Capcom: Creator of
                                entertainment culture
                                that stimulates your senses

Our purpose is to be a creator of entertainment culture. Through development of highly creative software contents that excite people, stimulate their senses, and bring smiles to their faces we aim to offer an entirely new level of game entertainment. Since Capcom’s establishment in 1983, we have leveraged our strength in world-class development capabilities to create a plethora of products. Game content is an artistic product that fascinates people, consisting of highly creative, multi-faceted elements such as characters, stories, worlds and music. This content can be deployed in a variety of media while being used to support the creation of a richer society. Going forward, Capcom aims to become a company that brings happiness to people and society by offering the most entertaining content in the world.

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