Online Integrated Report 2019

Captivating a Connected World


Advancing Our Global Brand Further

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Released in January 2018, Monster Hunter: World (MH:W, below), succeeded on two key elements of our growth strategy, namely globalization and shifting to digital. This propelled it to over 12.4 million units shipped worldwide, making it Capcom’s biggest hit ever. We aim to grow the fanbase even further by continuing to advance these two elements on Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (MHW:I, below), which is scheduled for release during the fiscal year ending March 2020.
For details, see the Integrated Report 2018.

The two keyelements toour success

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    Increasing global users by supporting 12 languages and launching titles simultaneously worldwide

    MH:W raised the Monster Hunter series to global brand status by increasing the overseas sales ratio to roughly 60%, compared to its historical 25%.
    We plan to solidify our global user base with MHW:I by releasing it simultaneously around the globe and offering the game in 12 languages.

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    Digital Shift

    Taking our main sales and marketing channels online

    We expect the bulk of MHW:I sales to be digital. While we maximize revenue using the digital marketing data we have accumulated up to this point, we will analyze user purchasing trends to utilize in digital sales going forward.

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