Major Intellectual Properties (IP)

Major Intellectual Properties (IP) Present

Steady Output of Million-Seller Titles Born from a Foundation of Popular Brands

We have continued to create a wealth of popular content (intellectual properties) since our founding, 35 years ago. Today, our IP are loved the world over, and we are working to maximize profitability by expanding from games into movies, animation, stage productions and other works.

KPI (Fiscal year ended March 31, 2018)

Cumulative million-seller titles: 86 titles, Number of developers: 2,141 people, Number of units sold: 24.4 million units

Business Development Leveraging Popular Brands

Our biggest strength is our advanced development capabilities that allow us to continuously create fun, original content. We have many brands that enjoy global popularity, and we regularly develop and release games that take advantage of these brands. We also roll them out into other media, making them long-term sources of revenue.

Street Fighter series/ Total number of units sold: 40 million/ Cumulative million-seller titles: 12 titles Resident Evil series/ Total number of units sold: 83 million/ Cumulative million-seller titles: 26 titles Mega Man series/ Total number of units sold: 32 million/ Cumulative million-seller titles: 4 titles Monster Hunter series/Total number of units sold: 48 million/ Cumulative million-seller titles: 11 titles

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