Value Creation Model

Value Creation Model

KPI Changes in Fiscal Year Ended March 2018

Game Market(Billions of dollars)

137.4 billion yen/ UP 12.4%

Human Capital
Content Developers (People)

2,141 people/UP 147 people

Meetings with Shareholders
and Investors (meetings)

420 meetings/ UP 58 meetings

Note: Number of media stories on investor relations meetings + number of visits with foreign and domestic investors

Net Sales(Billions of yen)

94.5 billion yen/UP 8.4%

Business Segment Sales Ratio(%)

Digital Contents: 78.4%, Arcade Operation:10.8%, Amusement Equipments: 8.3%, Other Businesses: 2.5%

Social Capital
Cumulative number of regional
vitalization projects (projects)

19 projects/ UP 4 projects

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  • Capcom’s Value Creation: Past, Present, Future (PDF:3.26MB/14 pages)


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