The Passion and the Prowess to Compete Globally

The Passion and the Prowess to Compete Globally

Capcom is a creator of completely original, engaging content who takes great care to maintain the integrity of our properties while continuing to evolve and advance. This has led to many of Capcom’s titles growing into hit series. We will continue striving to create content that takes the world’s breath away—today, tomorrow and always.

Resident Evil 2

Strategy Utilizing past titles

A survival horror masterpiece
revived with cutting-edge technology

Resident Evil 2 sales rank fourth overall in the series’ history. The 1998 masterpiece that shook up the world has been terrifyingly reborn with our cutting-edge development technology.

Devil May Cry 5

Strategy Stable releases of core IP

Fans the world over have been eagerly awaiting this latest installment in the stylish, action-packed series

Each main-line title in the series has boasted million-seller status since the very first in 2001. The timely release of new titles has kept fans engaged and enthralled.

Mega Man 11

Strategy Reawakening dormant IP

A popular series loved for decades following its launch,
Mega Man commemorated its 30th anniversary in 2017

This first new title in eight years can be enjoyed by two generations: parents from the Nintendo Entertainment System generation, and their children.

35th logo

Always Anticipating the Times, Targeting Global Markets

Born in the early stages of the consumer game market, over the years Capcom has adapted to the changing times, such as the rise of next-generation consoles, advances in communications and the expansion of the global market—all the while focusing every effort on creating exciting content. As such, Capcom’s IP has garnered support throughout the world, giving rise to hit series and steadily increasing our sales numbers.

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