February 20, 2008
Press Release

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Smokin'! Capcom's "Devil May Cry 4" Ships over 2 Million Stylish Units
- Making it the fastest game in the DMC series to reach that milestone -

 Capcom Co., Ltd.(Capcom) is pleased to announce that its multi-platform title "Devil May Cry 4" has shipped over two million units worldwide. "Devil May Cry 4" is currently available for PLAYSTATION®3 and Xbox 360 home consoles.

 The "Devil May Cry" series is a popular stylish action series known for its unique characters and fluid game play. The entire series has shipped more than 9 million units worldwide (as of Feb. 20, 2008), and has become a banner franchise for Capcom.

 "Devil May Cry 4" maximizes the graphical prowess of next-gen gaming systems to deliver the most visually stunning game in the series to date. New playable characters keep the action fresh and exciting, and these characters are brought to life via talented actors and sharp dialogue which contributes to the game’s unique style and feel. “Devil May Cry 4” has been a highly anticipated release by gamers around the world, as evidenced by the long lines of eager fans at E3 2007 and the Tokyo Game Show 2007.

 Concurrent with the release of "Devil May Cry 4" is the release of PLAYSTATION®3 and Xbox 360 bundled systems. By releasing a hit title like "Devil May Cry 4" as a bundled pack, Capcom hopes to spur the spread of next-gen consoles to new users.

 At Capcom the key to multi-platform development is using the MT Framework for our integrated development environment while utilizing the latest in cutting-edge technology in our research and development. As a result, we are able to develop such million-plus sellers as "Lost Planet" and "Dead Rising" for next-gen gaming consoles. And now with the success of "Devil May Cry 4", this strategy has again proven to be a very advantageous plan of action.

 At Capcom it is our continued goal to bring our properties to multiple platforms to provide the best entertainment experiences in the next-gen gaming arena. We hope to continue meeting and exceeding the expectations of gamers with our dedication to developing solid titles for the best gaming platforms available while increasing the gaming user base around the world.


Title Summary
1. TitleDevil May Cry 4
2. GenreStylish Action
2. Platforms ・PLAYSTATION®3
・Xbox 360
3. Release Date Japan: January 31, 2008
North America: February 5, 2008
Europe: February 8, 2008
* PC release date is TBD.

* PlayStation is registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment.
* Xbox 360 is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S.A. and other countries.




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