May 8th, 2007
Press Release

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Capcom teams up with Gakken to publish "Secrets of Video Games"
- book to be donated to schools and libraries across Japan -

 Capcom Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce a cooperative effort with Gakken Co., Ltd. (Gakken) to publish the first book aimed at introducing children to the video game industry. This book, "Secrets of Video Games", is a part of Gakken's "Understanding" series and will be published on May 1st, 2007 and distributed to 24,000 elementary schools and 2,700 public libraries across Japan.

 "Secrets of Video Games" will present answers to questions many children have about video games and the video game industry as a whole in an easy-to-understand comic book format. Gakken's "Understanding" series is recommended by the Japanese PTA Association as educational comics that respond to children’s curiosity with a rich variety of content. This series of books is also highly regarded by teachers and often used as supplementary teaching materials within integrated studies in the Japanese classroom.

 "Secrets of Video Games" will not only introduce video games to children, it will also include information on various game creator professions, the process of creating video games, interacting with video games, expert opinions on social issues such as the effects of video games on the brain, and the competitiveness of the Japanese video game industry from an economic perspective. All of this information will not only be useful for children, but also for educators and parents or guardians with its easy-to-understand format.

 Capcom believes that games have the power to create a culture of entertainment and the power to move people with unique emotional experiences. Through its creative products, Capcom strives to foster a wide range of emotions and sensitivity in children that will help to someday enrich future cultural growth.

 In order to reach this goal, Capcom understands the importance of its corporate social responsibility and has provided opportunities for children to experience working at a game company in the past as one way to fulfill this responsibility. Thus far, Capcom has extended this opportunity to 250 children from 47 different schools. With all of the misunderstandings about video games, Capcom recognizes the need for these misunderstandings to be corrected and feels that the donations of this book to elementary schools and public libraries across Japan will go a long way towards helping promote a better understanding of the game industry.

 Capcom will continue to strive to engage in positive social activities to fulfill its corporate social responsibility and earn its place as a trusted corporate member of society.



Publication Information
1. Publication Name Gakken Understanding Series: "Secrets of Video Games"
2. Format Small Octavo Edition Format (220mm x 151mm)
Hard Cover
132 Pages
3. Donation Locations ・Around 24,000 Japanese elementary schools
・Around 2,700 public libraries
* this book will not be available for sale





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