October 15th, 2008
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CAPCOM Titles Win Japan Game Award for Two Years in a Row
- Japan Game Awards 2008
Monster Hunter Freedom 2G Wins Grand Award -

 CAPCOM’s “Monster Hunter Freedom 2G” won the Grand Award at the Tokyo Game Show 2008, which took place at Makuhari Messe (Chiba Prefecture) from October 9-12. The award sponsored by the Computer Entertainment Software Association was announced on the first day of the show.

 “Monster Hunter Freedom2G”, an award-winning hunting game extremely popular among many age groups, creates a new play style made possible by communication through an ad-hoc mode of team cooperative action. The game has become so popular that it is akin to a new social phenomenon. Boasting sales of over 2.5 million copies (as of October 9, 2008) in Japan since its release in March it has become the most popular game title in Japan in 2008 both in name and reality (CAPCOM survey).

 In addition, “Devil May Cry 4” won the Award for Excellence. The game has the most attractive graphics in its state-of-the-art series in the world and an aggressive lead character with a bold new style. The game supports the multi-platform that is based on our MT Framework. Global sales of “Devil May Cry 4” topped 2.3 million copies (as of March 30, 2008).

 On October 12, CAPCOM’s “Resident Evil 5”, “Gyakuten Kenji (JAPAN)”, “Monster Hunter 3 (Tri)”, were chosen by Tokyo Game Show attendees for the FUTURE Award, accenting the high anticipation users have for CAPCOM products. All the three titles quickly became extremely popular at the Tokyo Game Show.

 All other awards won by CAPCOM games, in addition to winning the Grand Award for two years in a row, has increased recognition of our game development prowess. As always, Capcom will live up to the expectations of its customers by bringing its superior game development capabilities into full play and continuing to create original game titles.


【Award Winning Titles】

■Games of the Year Division

〔 Grand Award 〕
Monster Hunter Freedom 2G
Genre : Hunting Action
Platform : PSP®(PlayStation®Portable)
Release Date : March 27, 2008

〔 Award for Excellence〕
Devil May Cry 4
Genre : Stylish Action
Platform : PLAYSTATION®3, Xbox 360, PC
(Windows® XP、Windows Vista®)
Release Date : PS3®, Xbox 360 : Jan. 31, 2008
  PC : Jul. 24, 2008

■Future Division

Resident Evil 5
Genre : Survival horror
Platform : PLAYSTATION®3、Xbox 360
Release Date : Mar. 12, 2009 (Schedule)
Monster Hunter 3(tri-)
Genre : Hunting Action
Platform : Wii®
Release Date : 2009 (Schedule)
Gyakuten Kenji
Genre : Crime adventure
Platform : Nintendo DS®
Release Date : Spring 2009 (Schedule for Japan)


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