October 9, 2008
Press Release

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Capcom’s hit series Sengoku BASARA scheduled to make its TV anime debut!
- Talented animation team bringing the Warring States period to life -

 Capcom Co., Ltd. (Capcom) is pleased to announce the first anime show based on the popular Sengoku BASARA series. This project will be headed up by Production I.G., an animation studio with a rich history of exceptional titles.

 Since its release in 2005, the Sengoku BASARA series has been a brand that attracts a growing number of fans. To date the series has shipped over 1,200,000 units. In Sengoku BASARA the Warring States period of Japanese history has been re-imagined, creating a rich and unique setting for the series. Historical figures from this epic period have been transformed through the addition of rich, modern personalities. These famous commanders are portrayed as heroes, making them more approachable to fans of all ages, whether male or female.

 This anime will also highlight the recent renewed interest in the Warring States period of Japan brought about by its creative portrayal in a new media. Games and anime have allowed for new and imaginative interpretations of the events and people of that time, and have also opened the door for new goods and merchandise based on this period. Fans of the series will have a chance to look at this fascinating period of history in new and interesting ways.

Production I.G. is an industry-leading animation studio which has produced numerous outstanding titles in the past. They will expand the Sengoku BASARA universe and bring the unique charm of anime to this popular series. This new partnership will bring Sengoku BASARA to a whole new audience and in a form which is a first for the series.

At Capcom we continue to leverage our brands in order to bring satisfaction to as many fans in as many different ways as possible. This strategy will enable us to expand our brands into the forms of media which compliment each brand, satisfy customers, and further develop our products.


【Product Details for the Sengoku BASARA video games】
1. TitleSengoku BASARA Series
2. GenreStylish Hero Action


【Details for the Sengoku BASARA anime】

Production Staff
1. Based OnSengoku BASARA series (Capcom Co., Ltd.)
2. ProducerCapcom Co., Ltd. Hiroyuki Kobayashi  Makoto Yamamoto
3. Director Itsuro Kawasaki (Tsubasa Chronicles, The Princess of the Birdcage Land, Yumedamaya Kidan)
4. Series Planning Yasuyuki Muto (Chief Planner: Persona -trinity soul-, Head Writer; Scenario: Chevalier, Series Planning; Scenario: Basilisk: The Kouga Ninja Scrolls
5.Character DesignToru Okubo (Director: BLOOD+, Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit, Real Drive)
6. Animation TeamProduction I.G.

Date MasamuneKazuya Nakai
Sanada YukimuraSoichiro Hoshi
Oda NobunagaNorio Wakamoto

Broadcast Information
Broadcast DateCalendar year 2009



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