September 24, 2008
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Takarazuka Revue Puts on First Stage Performance of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Capcom’s Hit Game Series
- One aspect of Capcom’s strong commitment to collaboration that combines different categories of the entertainment industry -

 Capcom Co., Ltd. has reached an agreement with the Takarazuka Revue Company to do a performance that is based on Capcom’s extremely successful Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series of home video games. There will be performances at Takarazuka Bow Hall in the city of Takarazuka and a special performance in Tokyo.

 In the “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney” game that the Takarazuka Revue has decided to perform, players assume the role of an attorney. The objective of this detective adventure game is to fight in court on behalf of a client who has been falsely charged. Since the first version made its debut in October 2001, the Ace Attorney series of games has recorded more than 3 million units of shipments in Japan and overseas (as of June 30, 2008), making it one of Capcom’s most successful products. The game has been very successful as well in a cell phone version and as the basis for comic books, novels and a variety of merchandise. In addition, there was a performance by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra of music and sounds used in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games.

 The Takarazuka Revue, which will perform this Ace Attorney game, is well known for putting on spectacular performances of many types of plays and other material. The Takarazuka troupe is one of Japan’s best-known theater groups and has a large number of fans in all areas of Japan. The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney show will be a Soragumi production that is written and directed by Kei Suzuki, a producer of the Takarazuka Revue

   This endeavor goes beyond the conventional bounds of the entertainment industry. An unprecedented form of collaboration, the show will combine the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game, which is very popular among women and casual game players, with the Takarazuka Revue, which has an extremely large number of female fans. Audience members will enjoy a show that draws on the content and creativity of both Capcom and the Takarazuka performers. Capcom expects this collaboration to produce synergies that enlarge the customer base for the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series as well as the Takarazuka Revue. Both partners believe this will further increase the value of the Capcom and Takarazuka Revue brands.

   Capcom will continue pursuing its content multi-use strategy, in which the company’s large selection of game content is also developed for movies, animation, publications, cell phone games, merchandise and other applications. Basing operations on this strategy creates more opportunities to earn profits by increasing the range of people who enjoy Capcom content in some way. Capcom plans to employ this strategy to both maximize the value of its content and achieve more growth in sales and earnings.


【Summary of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney of home video games】
1. TitlePhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
2. GenreCourtroom action
3. Platforms Nintendo DS

* Nintendo DS is a registered trademark of Nintendo Company, Limited in Japan and/or other countries.


【Summary of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney performance by Takarazuka Revue】
1. TitlePhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – The Truth Comes Back to Life
2. Production and writingTakarazuka Revue Company
3. Original story, supervision, assistance Capcom Co., Ltd.
4. Dates Bow Hall performance:
     Location: Takarazuka Bow Hall
     February 5 (Thursday) to 15 (Sunday), 2009
Special Tokyo performance:
     Location: Nippon Seinen-kan Hall
     February 24 (Tuesday) to March 2 (Monday), 2009 


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