September 11, 2008
Press Release

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MT Framework Multiplatform Game Development Environment Created by Capcom Receives Award
- CEDEC Awards recognize this technology’s outstanding fundamental R&D capabilities for games -

 Capcom Co., Ltd. (Capcom) is pleased to announce that Capcom Co., Ltd. received an award in the programming and R&D environment category for its MT framework, a multiplatform game development environment that Capcom developed internally. The award was one of the CEDEC AWARDS, sponsored by the Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association, that were announced at the CESA Developers Conference 2008 (CEDEC 2008) that is being held from September 9 to 11.

 MT Framework, a next-generation game engine, is based on the multi-thread, meta-tool and multi-target concepts. Capcom created this game development tool program for the purpose of efficiently executing its multi-platform strategy for the development of games for next-generation hardware. MT Framework’s internal library can output programs, graphics, sound and other components in a format that is optimized for the structure of each type of game console. This makes it possible to integrate the development of games for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PCs. MT Framework creates a highly efficient game development environment by greatly reducing time needed for creating versions of games for other consoles, significantly lowering development expenses, and offering other benefits.

 By developing the MT Framework, Capcom has succeeded in creating one of the world’s most advanced game development environments. This award is the direct result of Capcom’s outstanding skill in developing new technologies. Capcom has already used MT Framework to create three titles that have each recorded sales of more than one million units: "Dead Rising", "Lost Planet" and "Devil May Cry 4." Capcom next plans to introduce multi-platform versions of core titles like "Resident Evil 5."

 Capcom will continue to focus on research involving fundamental technologies and the establishment of a more powerful framework for development activities. The objective is to continue growing by supplying highly competitive and distinctive games for the newest game consoles, which are now becoming the mainstream of the game market.



【Award received】
 CEDEC AWARDS Programming and Development Environment Category Award

Establishment of the “game framework” concept and work to promote the use of this technique by others (MT Framework)


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