April 8, 2008
Press Release

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Capcom's "Monster Hunter Freedom 2G" Ships 1.5 Million Units
- Game poised to surpass "Monster Hunter Freedom 2" -

 Capcom Co., Ltd. (Capcom) is pleased to announce that "Monster Hunter Freedom 2G" for the PlayStation®Portable (PSP®) has shipped over 1.5 million units in Japan.

 "Monster Hunter Freedom 2G" has become a runaway success thanks to the introduction of exciting new gameplay elements along with the ability to transfer data over from "Monster Hunter Freedom 2". This hot seller has become an instant hit with fans of the series, and also has attracted a wealth of new users eager for this exciting entertainment experience.

  Capcom released "Monster Hunter Freedom 2" in February 2007, and the title has continued to sell well since its release, while also bringing in new fans to the series. The game gives friends the chance to hunt together using the PSP®'s ad hoc mode, and Capcom is grateful that it has been so well received by PSP® owners.

  The "Monster Hunter" series is a hunting action game centered on epic battles with giant monsters in a fantastic natural setting. Since the release of the first Monster Hunter title in 2004 for the PlayStation®2, the series has sold a total of 6.8 million units (as of April 8, 2008) and is one of our most valued titles at Capcom.

 As always, we at Capcom will continue to strive to develop new and original games that appeal to a broad audience around the world while expanding our properties for multiple platforms. We believe that by bringing the "Monster Hunter" series to multiple platforms, it will help the franchise reach an even greater number of users eager to experience its unique gameplay.


【Title Summary】
1. Title(1) Monster Hunter Freedom 2G
(2) Monster Hunter Freedom 2G PSP® Pack
(PSP® Slim & Lite Entertainment Pack)
2. GenreHunting Action
2. Platform PSP® (PlayStation®Portable)
3. Release Date March 27, 2008

* "PlayStation" and "PSP" are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment.




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