Monster Hunter Rise


Whether solo or with friends,
it’s easy to pick up and play,
and will leave you wanting more.
Get ready to rise to a new hunting ground.

Ryozo Tsujimoto

Managing Corporate Officer
Head of Consumer Games Development Division 2

He has served as the series producer since the release of Monster Hunter Freedom 2 in 2007. As producer for the latest title, Monster Hunter Rise, he oversees all aspects of production.

Sales Strategy Summary

A new “Mon-Hun,” perfect for playing anywhere

The concept of Monster Hunter, which has not changed since the first title in the series, is an action game that can be played cooperatively with others. When it was decided that we would develop a title for Nintendo Switch, which is highly portable, it inspired a strong desire in me to create a Monster Hunter game that was different from the record-breaking hit Monster Hunter: World (MH:W herein) that also took into account the portability of the platform. Game devices that can be taken on the go require a unique tempo and an “anytime, anywhere” playing style. I decided to create an entirely new title that allowed players to effortlessly invite friends to go hunting, providing a different feel from MH:W, which was created to sit back and enjoy playing on a stationary console. Mr. Kadowaki serving as producer and Mr. Ichinose serving as director took the lead as we began development on Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise herein).

Balance between graphics and action achieved with RE ENGINE

In order to give the hunting action in MHRise a new feel, we made use of our proprietary development engine RE ENGINE. Based on the concept of “anytime, anywhere, effortlessly,” new additions were introduced to the game, such as the Wirebug hunting actions that allows players to freely traverse over terrain and Palamutes, which are dog-like hunting Buddies that players can ride to move between the seamlessly connected locales at high speed. We were also able to achieve both the highest standard of graphics for the Nintendo Switch and a short loading time. All of these innovations are the result of our efforts to provide stress-free play even without a TV or other large screen.

I feel that RE ENGINE played a large role in our ability to achieve this new hunting experience. The development team and engine are the two pillars expanding the possibilities for expression and action in MHRise.

The joys of hunting—now and in the future

Development was a series of challenges made even more difficult by the COVID-19 pandemic, but our team members overcame these obstacles and took great pride in developing this title. The staff members who will be responsible for the next title are making steady strides in their training. I am also happy to see synergistic effects, like users who enjoyed MHRise now purchasing MH:W.

The series has now grown into a brand that has sold a total of 75 million units (as of June 30, 2021), but we are not yet satisfied. There are still people out in the world who are unfamiliar with “Mon-Hun,” and there is still plenty of room for further expansion in game development. New ways of playing games and new environments to play them in await. We will continue striving to create a Monster Hunter Craze throughout the world that will continue to rage 10 and 20 years down the line.

Akihito Kadowaki

Akihito Kadowaki

Producer, Management Department
Consumer Games
Development Division 2

Oversaw production on Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Sengoku BASARA 4. He became a member of the Monster Hunter development team on Monster Hunter Generations and now serves as a producer on this title.

The latest title in the series, MHRise was announced for Nintendo Switch in September 2020, along with the release date, price, and purchase bonuses, with preorders kicking off as well. Unlike traditional title announcements, our strategy was to announce all of the information relevant to players right from the start to grab the interest of as many people as possible. We then focused on increasing the frequency of user interactions with game information simultaneously worldwide by using social media to share game elements in videos and images spread over several posts. We continued to stir interest among users by releasing two free demos online that allowed cooperative play prior to launch. As we aim to acquire fans globally, we will continue honing our operational know-how with downloadable content, such as event quests, even after the game’s release and transform MHRise into a new pillar for the series.

MHRise brings authentic hunting action
infused with Capcom’s DNA to the world


I want each and every user to have more fun playing “Mon-Hun” than they ever imagined

Yasunori Ichinose

Management Section 1, Management Department
Consumer Games Development Division 2

When I heard from the producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto, that he wanted to position the new title different from MH:W, I started to think about how to establish MHRise as a new brand. The answer we came up with was an action-oriented hunting game developed for the Nintendo Switch. Using our in-house game development engine, RE ENGINE, we took on the difficult challenge of strengthening the action aspects with seamless locales while maintaining the quality of the visuals. This hunting environment is the first Japanese-themed world since Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. We created the game to incorporate new characters featuring more in-depth characterizations and new elements, such as the Wirebug and Palamutes, while also developing carefully selected quests to satisfy even those players with a limited amount of time to play. We will continue to provide players with moments they can truly enjoy. I think you will love it.


Wowing players with just how far we can push the portable game console experience!

Kotaro Miyabe

Engine Development Section
R&D Foundational Technology Department
Technical Research Division

The decision was made to develop MHRise using RE ENGINE, and I participated on the title’s development team as an RE ENGINE engineer. I connected the creators with the technical department in charge of engine development, and our mission was to achieve both stable performance on the Nintendo Switch and the highest quality possible. I was mainly in charge of selecting and implementing graphics technology and optimizing the overall performance of the game. It was a real challenge to make online cooperative play among a maximum of four players, four Buddies, three large monsters, and numerous smaller monsters and environmental creatures all operate on a seamless locale. On top of that, we devised ways to leverage the hardware to its limits in order to provide a satisfying game experience with beautiful visuals and short loading times. It was my great honor as an engineer, to be able to focus on the seemingly unexciting aspects that underpin this game


Now a global brand, “Mon-Hun” has turned the digital shift into an opportunity to reach fans worldwide

Ayaka Segami

Consumer Games Sales Strategy Team 2
Sales Strategy Section, Marketing Strategy Department

With the pandemic limiting our ability to go out, I want as many people as possible to enjoy playing MHRise. With that desire in mind, we developed the strategic proposals and formulated a roadmap that would provide the framework for promotions and sales, in addition to coordinating with each country. As 80% of sales of the previous title, MH:W, came from overseas, the global market was key in our strategy. We did our best to ensure a promotion where everyone would win, not only in Japan, but globally. As all live events had to be cancelled, the entire promotion immediately shifted to digital. It was difficult to coordinate each measure while incorporating the demands from each country and region, such as release times and languages, but we worked in close cooperation with the leads in each area as we progressed. Globally we worked together as one, and we were overcome with joy when we succeeded in selling more than 5 million units in the first week after the game was released. Our team will continue working together to expand globally.


Using Instagram to convey the development team’s passion and allure of the game with the goal of acquiring new fans

Hana Yajima

Interactive PR Team
Marketing PR Department

The mission of the Interactive PR Team was to increase awareness of MHRise by conducting PR activities using publicity tools such as social media for communicating information and the internet to broadcast online programs. My job in particular was setting up and running an official Instagram account. Young people and women are the largest segments on Instagram, and our goal was to tap into new target demographics. I actively exchanged opinions with the development team and posted the most up-to-date information as it was happening. Every Friday, we posted cute illustrations of the Buddies and comments to arouse interest in users, striving to attract new MHRise fans. I’m grateful of the corporate culture that allowed me to be in charge of the game’s social media in my first year of employment, and I hope to grow along with MHRise as it spreads its wings and soars around the world.

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