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Capcom's Business Model

Contributing to the Creation of a Rich Culture and Society through Game Development and Multiple Usage

The use of advanced development capabilities to create original contents for branding is the source of Capcom's long-term earnings. Capcom pursues high added value through business activities making use of abundant capital (inputs) within and outside the Company, regularly developing and releasing products (outputs) for multiple game platforms and media. The value (outcome) generated from these activities is provided to society and reinvested for the future. Through these activities, we make an effort to respond to social issues while expanding corporate value.

Social Issues
  • Generational and interregional communication gaps
  • New industries created from new technologies
  • Overconcentration in large cities
    Declining regional populations
  • Contents industry promotion
  • Senior citizen social isolation
  • Shortage of human resources involved with intellectual property

Human Capital

  • World's top game development human resources
  • New technological development structure (VR, etc.)

Intellectual Capital

  • Product brand power
  • Cumulative total of 71 million-seller titles

Production Capital

  • Cutting-edge development environment
  • Utilization of assets previously purchased from other companies


K2 CO., LTD.

Social Capital

  • Core fans
  • Overseas affiliate publishers
  • Domestic cooperating companies
Business Activities

New Title Production Flow


Projects are started after a two-step approval process. Once concepts and plans are refined, the project is approved for trial by management before full development.


Necessary tasks are allocated, including the creation of a proprietary development engine and arrangement of planners, designers, programmers and sound creators. Efforts are made to improve quality and ensure development efficiency.

Quality Assurance

Checks are conducted from the user's perspective by a team comprising several hundred people. This involves not only a bug check, but also verification of game quality and ease of game play.

Sales and Promotion

Online promotions and user events conducted to ensure the game world is always top of mind.

Popular Capcom content

Game multi-platform development

New users increase as online content grows

Home video games

Digital download contents

PC Online

Mobile Contents

Multimedia development of content

Multimedia deployment accelerates as users increase


Hollywood movies, animated movies, CG movies

Arcade game machines

Video games,
pachinko and pachislo


Strategy books, illustrated compilations, comics

Arcade Operations

Shopping centers, large-scale facilities


Concerts, theatrical productions

Character merchandising

Figures, T-shirts,
Food, etc.

Single Content Multiple Usage

Stable structure for series development 60-Month Title Development Plan 52-Week Map/ Growth Strategy 1: コConsumer Business Expansion / Growth Strategy2: Overhaul the Online Business



  • Increase intellectual
    property (technology & new series)
  • Expand global fan segment

Digital Contents

  • Expand new titles
  • Increase catalog sales
  • Increase digital download ratio
  • Expand Mobile and PC Games
  • Increase collaborations with companies in Asia

Net sales as of March 31, 2016

52.5 billion yen

Single Content Multiple Usage

  • Create a variety of content derived from a single hit title

Net sales as of March 31, 2016

24.4 billion yen

Impact on Society
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