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Strategy and Capital

Capcom provides the world with "entertaining games" through business activities utilizing a large amount of capital. The use of financial and non-financial capital necessary for promoting growth strategies to expand our core Consumer and Online businesses is linked to Capcom's further growth.

Growth Strategy 1

Growth Strategy1:Consumer Business Expansion


Expand scope of sales while maintaining a highly profitable structure and operating margins of20%


  • (1)Strengthen digital download contents
  • (2)Expand title lineup through full-fledged operation of a 60-month title development plan*

Note: Five-year game title release plan

Necessary resources (capital)

Investment capital Usage policy Targeted effect
Development investment amount(consolidated) 25.3 billion yen Expand lineup of major titles demanding a high degree of precision in line with high-performance hardware Create new brands and continuously release million-seller titles
Developers(consolidated) 1,902 people Transition to development structure focused on internal title creation to develop high quality titles efficiently Intensify efforts to secure talented human resources and enhance employee skills to expand sales and improve profitability

Growth Strategy 2

Growth Strategy2: Online Business Expansion


Achieve sales of 13.5 billion yen in the next fiscal year, resume growth trajectory


  • (1)Strengthen marketing and monetization* (Mobile)
  • (2)Enhance title lineup (PC Online)
  • (3)Maintain business alliances in Asia region (Mobile and PC Online)

Note: Additional item purchases within games played for free

Necessary resources (capital)

Investment capital Usage policy Targeted effect
Main business partners in Asia 8 companies Avoid country risk by utilizing locally-based management companies Expand Mobile and PC Online sales in the Asia region
Million-seller titles 65 titles Strengthen lineup by releasing popular titles in Mobile and PC Online businesses Increase existing user satisfaction and expand user segment
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