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To Our Stakeholders (From the CEO & COO)

Aiming for Sustainable Growth and Enhancing Corporate Governance to Fulfill Our Responsibility to Stakeholders.

"Capcom: Creator of Entertainment Culture that Stimulates Your Senses"

We Create Games that Excite

How do we create original games people will enjoy? This is the starting point of all Capcom activities. Creating "entertainment culture" through the development of "engaging games" that "excite" our customers is the linchpin of our business.

Our biggest strength is advanced development capabilities that continuously generate game content overflowing with creativity and fun. The multitude of original contents we send out into the world are highly creative works of media art, each crafted with a variety of elements, including intricately detailed game worlds and storylines, richly distinctive characters and powerful music. In addition to games, this content is leveraged across a variety of media, including movies, TV animation, character merchandising and strategy books, providing even more people with excitement and entertainment. Our games are also part of the "Cool Japan" promotion of Japanese entertainment culture spreading throughout the world, which also contributes to stimulating interest in Japan itself.

Going forward, Capcom will make every effort to develop "entertaining games" that satisfy users while contributing to the benefit of society through our business activities.

Fulfilling Our Responsibilities to Stakeholders through Enhanced Corporate Governance

Capcom strives to create relationships of trust and improve stakeholder satisfaction through the promotion of business activities based on our corporate philosophy.

In particular, we believe the promotion of enhanced corporate governance and growth strategies are linked to increased corporate value contributing to benefits for all stakeholders.

Accordingly, we proactively engage shareholders and investors "in dialogue" and make use of external directors to enhance management transparency and soundness while promoting growth strategies enabling sustainable growth and shareholder returns.

With respect to customers, we make the most of our world-class development capabilities to create entertaining games in conjunction with our Single Content Multiple Usage strategy to leverage our brands across multiple forms of media with the aim of maximizing user satisfaction. We build mutually beneficial relationships with business partners and create new product value by combining Capcom content brand power with their unique development and sales know-how pertaining to regional business practices and customer preferences.

Capcom also uses its popular content to support regional growth through its multiple usage approach aimed at maximizing social benefits for local communities. To ensure the healthy development of young people, the entire industry adheres to voluntarily restrictions related to game content in an effort to reduce or prevent adverse effects from our business activities.

All Capcom employees share management's goal of "developing the world's best games". To this end, we promote the creation of an exciting work environment where employees can experience growth and are able to make the most of their abilities.

Underpinning all these efforts is our corporate philosophy of "creating entertaining games". We will enhance corporate governance in line with this philosophy and achieve sustainable growth to fulfill our responsibility to all our stakeholders.

Capcom's Main Stakeholders
diagram:Capcom's Main Stakeholders

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