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Capcom History

Game Industry History


Sales of "Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)" were launched to massive success.

Image: NES

Capcom Sales

Note: 1983–1988: Fiscal years ended December 31
  1989–2015: Fiscal years ended March 31



In 1983, Capcom Co., Ltd., was established in Osaka as an arcade game sales company.
That same year marked the arrival of the "Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)", which at that time contained an 8-bit central processing unit (CPU). This made it difficult to create the high-quality, arcade-level content pursued by Capcom, so business development was focused on the creation of arcade games. Arcade games were developed using the CP System, a 16-bit high-spec circuit board.


Released our first originally developed coin-op "Little League".


Released our first arcade video game "Vulgus".


Released our first home video game "1942" for "Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)".


Released "Mega Man" for "NES".


Next-generation "Super NES" was launched.

Image: Super NES


"PlayStation" was launched. 3D game popularity skyrockets.

Image: PlayStation


Big Hits Drive Business Expansion

In the 1990s, the arrival of "Super NES" featuring a 16-bit CPU enabled Capcom to formally enter home video game development. Numerous hit titles were created, including "Street Fighter II" and "Final Fight", which drew on Capcom's arcade game development expertise.

The Single Content Multiple Usage strategy was launched in 1994 with the release of a movie and TV animation series based on "Street Fighter". In the late 1990s, Capcom continued to create new content, such as "Resident Evil", with the arrival of each new game console.


Released "Street Fighter II" for "Super NES".


Released "Breath of Fire" for "Super NES".


Released "Resident Evil" for "PlayStation", a long selling title which had record breaking sales, and established the genre of survival horror.


"PlayStation 2" was launched.

Image: PlayStation 2


Microsoft Corporation launched the "Xbox 360".

Image: Xbox 360


Going Global

In 2000, Capcom went public, listing its shares on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

In the 2000s, Capcom created one hit title after another that gained popularity overseas, including "Devil May Cry", "Dead Rising" and "Lost Planet". The Hollywood movie version of "Resident Evil", which earned 102 million dollars globally, is now part of a five title hit series that continues to expand the Capcom brand throughout the world.


Released "Onimusha" for "PlayStation 2". The first game for "PlayStation 2" that becomes a million-seller in Japan.

Released "Devil May Cry" for "PlayStation 2".


Released "Sengoku BASARA" for "PlayStation 2", which enjoyed popularity especially among young gamers for its innovative worldview.


Released "Dead Rising" for "Xbox 360". Became a million-seller, unprecedented for a new title created for new game console.


Smartphone adoption increases, game apps not requiring a game console became popular.


"Wii U" was launched.

Image: Wii U


"PlayStation 4" was launched.

Image: PlayStation 4


"Xbox One" was launched.

Image: Xbox 360



With the adoption of smartphones and tablets, the market for game apps not requiring consoles is growing rapidly. Capcom established Beeline, a development company for smartphone game apps, which created "Smurfs' Village", an explosive hit that became the most downloaded app in more than 100 countries.

In recent years, the adoption of internet-connected consoles such as "PlayStation 4", "Xbox One" and "Wii U" are driving full-game downloaded sales and the distribution of add-on contents.


Distribution of app "Smurfs' Village" for iOS began. It became the top download in approximately 100 countries around the world.


Released "Monster Hunter 4" for "Nintendo 3DS". Return of the "Monster Hunter Craze" selling more than four million units.

Released "Dead Rising 3" the first title in this series for "Xbox One". More than one million units sold.

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