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Online Annual Report 2012

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Latest version is available on the "Online Integrated Report 2020" top page.


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Top Management message

Our Strategy for Growth

  • Financial Highlight
  • Overview of Capcom's Business and Outlook for the Future
  • Capcom's Strength
  • Corporate Governance

別冊 最新開発レポート2013 IT'S NOT A GAME UNTIL YOU PLAY IT.

  • Developer Onterview
  • "Resident Evil" The Secret of Success

Financial data

  • Financial Section PDF (404KB)
  • Chart Generator
  • Financial Index(Excel:40KB)

Annual Report 2013 Printed ver.(Complete version)

  Annual Report 2013、separate vol,: The Latest Development Report 2013
PDF ver.(15.4MB)
JPG Ver.
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