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Online Annual Report 2012

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Strength1: 55 Total Million-Seller Titles

One of the World's Leading Creative Groups Generating Original Content

Scene after scene overflows with presence in creative and minutely detailed worlds with attractive characters able to be manipulated at will. Capcom games, consisting of original content not dependent on licenses from other companies, has generated over 55 million-selling hit titles up to now. The world's leading creative group—that's Capcom.

Million-Seller Totals (Titles)

Million-Seller Totals (Titles)

A Development Environment that Achieves a Combination of High Quality and Efficiency

Detailed development plans are indispensible for titles with presence and precisely timed releases. To create games according to development planning, Capcom efficiently develops high-quality products using the integrated development environment "MT Framework", the culmination of development expertise accumulated in-house, to develop games for multiple game consoles.

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