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Online Annual Report 2012

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Our Strategy for Growth
Growth Strategy 3: Media Strategy

Expanding Single Content Multiple Usage Development

Multiple Revenue Streams from Single Popular Content

This section will explain the "expansion of Single Content Multiple Usage" in terms of the aforementioned three growth strategies formulated to achieve the medium-term business goals.

A "home video game" is an artistic media product that consists of highly creative, multi-faceted elements such as images, storyline, a worldview, music and interactive game play. This is exactly why each of these constituent elements can be individually developed into an attractive product through different facets of media.

Therefore, we can expect the following four effects by developing each of these elements into different business fields: (1) creating new profit opportunities other than the Consumer Online Games business; (2) creating heightened excitement through increased exposure by simultaneous multiple-field development (promotional effects); (3) absorbing customers obtained from other business segments as home video game users; and (4) reducing profit fluctuations through business portfolio creation (risk hedge).

We own scores of intellectual properties based on popular content. We are now creating a business model to enjoy multiple profits by promoting Single Content Multiple Usage strategy in several applications.

This strategy will allow us to leverage the success of our Consumer Online Games business with the aim of maximizing profits and achieving success in other businesses (Mobile, Pachinko & Pachislo, Arcade Games, Movies, Publishing, Character Goods, etc.).

Single Content Multiple Usage

Media Development Incorporating Various User Segments

This fiscal year (ended March 2012) in the film-related business, "Sengoku BASARA -The Last Party-" drew 210,000 people to the theatre and brought in 300 million yen at the box office, while "Ace Attorney" was a big hit with a box office take of 520 million yen and 405,000 in attendance.

Other examples of multi-development include "Monster Hunter" with the launch of home video game "Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G", the release of home video games "Monster Hunter Freedom 3 HD Ver." and "MONHAN NIKKI POKAPOKA AIRU MURA G", as well as the distribution of social games "Monhan Tankenki Maboroshi no Shima" and "Minna to Monhan Card Master". In addition, we held "Monster Hunter Festival 2011" in six locations across Japan, the "Monster Hunter World" event at amusement park Greenland (Kumamoto Prefecture) where fans can experience the "Monster Hunter" world and "Monster Hunter the Real 2011" at Universal Studios Japan (USJ). Furthermore, we held "Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert: Hunting Music Festival 2011" with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and the "Monster Hunter X Shinshu Hot Springs" tourism event was held at the hot spring resort Shibu in Nagano Prefecture attracting many fans and creating synergy with games.

The film release and "BASARA Festival 2011 – the Summer Campaign" event were timed to coincide with the launch of home video games "Sengoku BASARA: Chronicle Heroes" and "Sengoku BASARA 3 Utage" and a "Sengoku BASARA" attraction was installed at Fuji-Q Highland. Also, we helped contribute to regional vitalization through tie-ups with the Bizen Osafune Japanese Sword Museum.

In collaboration with Pasela Resorts Shinjuku's main store we opened the Capcom Bar, which serves Capcom game-themed food and drinks in an effort to create a buzz and expand our fan segment.

With the objective of continuous multimedia development of popular Capcom content focused mainly on "Monster Hunter", "Sengoku BASARA" and "Resident Evil", starting next fiscal year we will attempt to improve brand value and profitability by not only making as wide an appeal to as many customers as possible, but also by contributing to regional vitalization.


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