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Online Annual Report 2012

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Corporate Governance
IR Activities

Basic Policies Regarding IR Activities

1. Disclosure Policies

Capcom believes that the timely and appropriate disclosure of information is the duty of every listed company, and that accountability to our shareholders and investors is indispensable from the perspective of corporate governance.

To this end, our basic policy for IR activities involves (1) the establishment of a responsible investor relations framework, (2) the thorough disclosure of information, and (3) the creation of a system for the timely disclosure of information to enhance management transparency.

2. Disclosure Criteria

Capcom provides timely disclosure in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Law and other regulations including the "Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information" by Issuer of Listed Security (hereinafter Timely Disclosure Rules) stipulated by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

It is our policy to disclose as much information as possible, including the disclosure of information not required by the Timely Disclosure Rules, to accommodate our investors' needs.

We also disclose information though our corporate website in an attempt to provide quick and fair disclosure. Shareholders are informed of operating results and business conditions through business reports.

3. Quiet Period
To prevent the unauthorized disclosure of quarterly earnings information prior to official announcements, Capcom has established a quiet period starting one month prior to the scheduled earnings announcement. During this period, we refuse all inquiries relating to our business performance. However, if significant changes to our earnings outlook are anticipated during the quiet period, we will disclose this information pursuant to the Timely Disclosure Rules.
4. Third-Party Assessments of IR Activities

In recognition of our ongoing pursuit of timely and appropriate information disclosure, our IR activities and various IR tools have received a number of awards from third-party organizations. In the period under review, we received the "Best IR Award 2011", an Award for Excellence at the "Nikkei Annual Report Awards 2011", and our IR website placed first in the Gomez Consulting Co., Ltd's "Investor Relations Site Ranking 2011" for the third consecutive year.

With an awareness of the importance of accountability, we will continue our efforts to earn the trust of investors and provide timely disclosure.

5. IR Team

Capcom IR activities are conducted by four full-time staff members in addition to the chairman, the president and the IR director on behalf of shareholders and investors in Japan and overseas.

For earnings information and other IR-related inquiries, please contact the IR team.

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