• December 16, 2011
  • Company Name : Capcom Co., Ltd.
    Representative: Haruhiro Tsujimoto, President and COO
    (Company Code: 9697 Tokyo-Osaka Stock Exchange)
    Contact: Public Relations and Investor Relations Office
    Phone Number: +81-6-6920-3623

Report concerning Activities to Assist Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake
Victims and Damaged Areas

Donations from Capcom Co., Ltd. and its customers to assist Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake victims and damaged areas are as follows. Capcom extends its sincere appreciation to everyone who cooperated with these fundraising activities.

1. Donations

 (1) Capcom donations: 143,229,462 yen
      a. Direct donation from Capcom:    100 million yen
      b. "Street Fighter IV" for the iPhone
           Total sales during the donation program period

41,001,462 yen
(JPY 82/USD 1)
      c. Charity T-shirt sales 2,228,000 yen
 (2) Donations from customers: 1,626,773 million yen  
      a. Donation "Monhan Bokin":  1,613,378 yen
      b. Donation boxes at "Plaza Capcom" amusement facilities: 13,395 yen

2. All donations were deposited in the disaster relief fund accounts of local governments.