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Press Release

  • October 20, 2010
  • Press Release
  • Capcom Co., Ltd.
    LEVEL-5 Inc.

Capcom and Level-5 Team Up to Develop Dream Title
- Two Iconic Adventure Series, "Ace Attorney" and "Professor Layton",
in Their First Collaboration -

Capcom Co., Ltd (Capcom) and Level-5 Inc. (Level-5) are pleased to announce that development for a collaborative title, "Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright (tentative)", is underway for the Nintendo 3DS.

"Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright" is the realization of the dream collaboration between Capcom and Level-5 that brings together the two companies' most iconic adventure series, "Ace Attorney" and "Professor Layton". Defense attorney Phoenix Wright, archeologist Hershel Layton, and other major characters from both series will be transported to a surreal medieval city, where they must work together to solve contradiction-filled puzzles in order to solve the larger mystery at hand.

Capcom's "Ace Attorney" series is a logic-based adventure series that puts players in the shoes of a defense attorney who must save his innocent clients in the courtroom. The first title of the series went on sale in October 2001, and since then, the series has gone on to sell 3.9 million units worldwide (as of September 30, 2010). As one of Capcom's strongest intellectual properties, it has been made into mobile games and comic series, inspired character merchandise, orchestra concerts, and musical adaptations by the Takarazuka Revue, among other adaptations.

Level-5's "Professor Layton" series is a puzzle solving-based fantasy adventure series that allows players to solve various mind-bending puzzles as they progress in the story. The first title of the series went on sale in February 2007, and since then, the series has gone on to sell 9.5 million units worldwide (as of September 30, 2010). Featuring a tight group of famous, talented voice actors, the popularity of the world of Layton and its characters has lead to a fully-animated theatrical movie, special free downloadable content featured at McDonald's in Japan through service for Nintendo DS®, and various other tie-ups.

We feel that by drawing upon the strengths of both series, this collaboration will bring new, casual game players to the adventure game genre and into the world of gaming in general while strengthening the value of the two brands overall.

【Product Details】

1. Title Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright (tentative)
2. Genre Puzzle-Solving Courtroom Adventure
3. Platform Nintendo 3DS
4. Release Date TBD
* "Nintendo DS" is a registered trademark of Nintendo.
   The Nintendo 3DS logo and "Nintendo 3DS" are trademarks of Nintendo.


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