• June 16, 2010
  • Press Release
  • Capcom. Co., Ltd.
    DeNA Co., Ltd.

CAPCOM announces plans to distribute the newest game in the Monster Hunter series as a social game on DeNA’s “Mobage-town” platform!
– Capcom and DeNA collaborate to create the top social gaming brand –

Capcom Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan, COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto, referred to below as “Capcom”) and DeNA Co., Ltd (Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, CEO Tomoko Namba, referred to below as “DeNA”) are pleased to announce plans to distribute the newest game in Capcom’ s incredibly popular “Monster Hunter” series as a social game through “Mobage-town”, DeNA’s excellent online game service.

Recently, the mobile gaming market has seen rapid development thanks to the spread of open platforms, and the innovation brought to those platforms by many independent and individual game developers. Capcom and DeNA are spearheading the Japanese entry into this exciting mobile environment with the release of a spin-off game in the fantastically popular “Monster Hunter” series (which has sold over 11,000 thousands units to date) as a social game onto the “Mobage-town” platform which boasts over 19,000 thousand users. By pairing this incredibly entertaining, high-quality game with Japan’s top social gaming platform, Capcom and DeNA will endeavor to catch the attention of a wide section of home-game and mobile game users, and capture the top brand in social gaming.

In “MONHAN NIKKI MOBILE AIRU MURA”, the first social game in the Monster Hunter series, the lovable “AIRU”, who have been the series mascots, are given a chance to shine as the main characters. In addition to enjoying item collecting and changing your AIRU’s clothes in a peaceful village setting, this all-new Monster Hunter game will feature the phenomenally popular multiplayer cooperative action that fans of the series all over the world have come to know and love in a new social gaming package. This game will be easy for players who are new to the series to pick up and play, and will introduce a new group of fans to the wonders of Monster Hunter. The game is scheduled for an early August release.

“MONHAN NIKKI MOBILE AIRU MURA” will also feature regularly updated content to keep our players continually engaged with the game.

Capcom continues to vigorously persue its “Single Content-Multiple Usage” strategy as it announces a plan to put it’s various valuable brands to use in the mobile game space. DeNA continues to be an innovater in the social gaming space by offering a plethora of entertainment content through “Mobage-town”, it’s leading social-media platform.

Capcom and DeNA will continue to deepen their partnership with the aim of bringing gamers the very best in mobile game development and distribution in a continued plan to maximize brand value.

【Game Summary】

2. Genre Social AIRU Life
3. Platforms Mobile Phones (Some phones not supported)
4. Release Date Early August 2010
5.MSRP Free to play (with paid content in-game)

【Game Images】