• April 4th, 2010
  • Press Release
  • 3-1-3, Uchihiranomachi, Chuo-ku
    Osaka, 540-0037, Japan
    Capcom Co., Ltd.
    Haruhiro Tsujimoto, President and COO
    (Code No. 9697 Tokyo – Osaka Stock Exchange)

Capcom launches “Resident Evil 4: iPad Edition” on
iPad launch day !
– The game will launch April 3rd in North America and
by the end of April in Japan –

 Capcom Co., Ltd. (Capcom), a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today released “Resident Evil 4: iPad Edition” onto the Apple App store. Launching on the same day as Apple’s highly anticipated device, the game boasts enhanced graphics and controls optimized for the iPad. The game will be released by the end of April in Japan.

Since its inception, the “Resident Evil” series has sold more than 42 million copies worldwide.”Resident Evil 4″ and “Resident Evil: Degeneration” have been made available for download for iPhone / iPod® touch with “Resident Evil 4” achieving the number one ranking on the iTunes App Store. The title continues to be ranked highly in both Europe and North America.

“Resident Evil 4: iPad Edition” features new high-resolution art designed to take full advantage of the iPad’s larger display. The improved graphics capture the Resident Evil world in greater, terrifying detail, making the experience even more immersive. Additionally, “Resident Evil 4: iPad Edition” uses an enhanced “Visual Pad” control system that makes gameplay a more fluid and intuitive experience, providing value for new users and fans of the iPhone / iPod® touch version as well.

With this release, Capcom has positioned itself at the forefront of a new iPad gaming boom. Capcom will continue to aggressively leverage its wealth of valuable content in the console game, mobile game, film, animation, print publishing, and character goods categories. Our “Single content multiple usage” strategy continues to satisfy more and more users while deriving maximum value from our intellectual properties. Capcom fans can continue to expect the best in cutting-edge entertainment now and in the future.

Please use the following link for more information about “Resident Evil 4: iPad Edition”.

【Product Details】

1. Title Resident Evil 4: iPad Edition
2. Genre Action
3. Platform iPad
4. Release Date North America: April 3, 2010
Japan: End of April 2010
5. Price North America : $12.99
Japan : 1,200 yen

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