• June 30, 2021
  • Press Release
  • Capcom Co., Ltd.

On-site Classes Go Online in Capcom’s Educational Support Activities!
– Capcom aims to support requests from remote areas of Japan with online classes –

Capcom Co., Ltd. (Capcom) today announced that its On-site Classes, one of the company’s Educational Support Activities that functions as a part of its ongoing ESG efforts, will be made available in an online format beginning in July of this year.

Capcom has been proactively holding Company Visits and On-site Classes for elementary and middle school students since 2005 in order to promote the healthy development of children and students, the understanding of games in society, as well as contribute to sustainable economic growth and social order. In the 15 years since this began, Capcom has held these Educational Support Activities across Japan, welcoming a total of 3,355 students to its offices during 403 Company Visits, and providing instruction to a total of 15,726 students during 174 On-site Classes.

The new online version of Capcom’s On-site Classes were created in order to more flexibly respond to requests for classes from a wider area, based on both ongoing inquiries from educators for an online version, and on the large-scale changes to everyday life brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting with an online class at Shimada City Kawane Junior High School scheduled for Wednesday, June 30, Capcom plans to deliver online classes to 15 schools per year and is taking requests from elementary and middle schools from across Japan.

Under its philosophy of being a Creator of Entertainment Culture that Stimulates Your Senses, Capcom will work to address climate change and other issues facing society while aiming for sustainable growth through establishing a relationship of trust with its stakeholders and harmony with the environment. 

[About Educational Support Activities at Capcom]

Programs On-site Classes
(Online classes)
  • ・Game Literacy Education
    Thinking about the ideal way of enjoying games (50 minutes)
  • ・Career Education & Game Literacy Education (total 90 minutes)
Company Visits
On-site Classes
(Live instructor)
  • ・Career Education Why people work (90 minutes)
  • ・Career Education Work×Mathematics (50 minutes)
  • ・Career Education & Game Literacy (total 90 minutes)
More Information Please see Capcom’s Educational Support Activities page on its IR website.
*Classes are led by Public Relations staff members. *Classes are available in Japan only.
Ages Fifth- and sixth-year elementary school children, middle school children

[Class Materials]

*The Encyclopedia of Work and Mathematics text (pictured far left) is only distributed in the Career Education Work×Mathematics program.

[Class Slide Examples]

[SDGs & ESG Activities at Capcom]

United by its philosophy of being a Creator of Entertainment Culture the Stimulates Your Senses, Capcom is working to realize a world in which all people can safely enjoy games while promoting ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) activities and supporting the objective of creating the sustainable society envisioned in the SDGs.

With this perspective, Capcom is targeting sustainable growth through establishing a relationship of trust with stakeholders and harmony with the environment. Beginning with issues such as climate change, Capcom is proactively addressing the challenges faced by society, including reducing its footprint through digitizing sales of its content and carrying out efforts that support the developmental wellbeing of children.