• April 11, 2012
  • Press Release
  • 3-1-3, Uchihiranomachi, Chuo-ku
    Osaka, 540-0037, Japan
    Capcom Co., Ltd.
    Haruhiro Tsujimoto, President and COO
    (Code No. 9697 Tokyo – Osaka Stock Exchange)

Capcom Moves Up the Launch Date of “Resident Evil 6”!

Capcom Co., Ltd. (Capcom) is pleased to announce that the release of the Japanese version of “Resident Evil 6” for the PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360® from November 22, 2012 to October 4.

“Resident Evil 6” is the latest release in one of Capcom’s best-known game series. Capcom plans to use this new title to make this flagship series even more successful worldwide. As the first addition in three and a half years to the “Resident Evil” series, the new title is attracting much attention among game players. Capcom expects “Resident Evil 6” to make a significant contribution to sales and earnings in the fiscal year ending in March 2013.

Capcom’s game development team has a strong commitment to producing titles that can meet the high expectations and demands of “Resident Evil” fans. In addition, the use of an efficient development environment reduced the time needed to create this new title. As a result, Capcom made the decision to launch “Resident Evil 6” earlier than originally planned.

【Product Details】

1. Title Resident Evil 6
2. Genre Survival Horror
3. Platform “PlayStation®3”, “Xbox 360®”, “PC”
4. Release Date Japan : October 4, 2012
North America : October 2, 2012
Europe : October 2, 2012
*The launch date for the PC version has not been decided.

*”PlayStation®” is registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
    *Xbox 360® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and other related companies.