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Capcom Co., Ltd.
Takara Co., Ltd.

Capcom and Takara have teamed up for a new Mega Man Battle Network project!
First of its kind crossover! One chip for three platforms!
Video Game * Toy * Arcade Machine
Introducing the "Navi Link System"
Public unveiling on January 15th at the Next Generation World Hobby Fair!

Capcom Co., Ltd. and Takara Co., Ltd. have teamed up to offer a brand new chip for Mega Man Battle Network1, the #1 game among grade school boys in Japan, that will allow the sharing of data across the video game (for the Game Boy® Advance, hereafter referred to as GBA), the Link PET EX (a portable LCD game) and the arcade machine. This "Navi Link System"2 is set to be on shelves by the end of January.

The "Navi Data Chip" is a 3 x 5 cm plastic wafer utilizing Smart Card technology. With this first of its kind chip, game characters can be shared across the three different game platforms.

The Navi Link System appeal lies in the ability to enjoy Mega Man Battle Network anywhere - at home, at the toy store or at the local arcade. The storefront kiosk "Battle Chip Stadium" will be introduced into toy stores and other locations, allowing children to pit their personalized characters against the creations of their friends. In this manner, kids can enjoy the game while talking to their friends and exhibiting their custom characters. In addition, kids can choose their characters from among the different Navi Data Chips and save their progress while they help the characters grow.

The chip builds upon last November's "Mega Man Battle Network 6," which reached sales of half a million units within its first month of release and continues to sell even now. Takara's portable LCD game "Link Pet EX (Exceed)" went on sale at the end of last December and 50,000 units have already been shipped. It enjoys a high level of popularity amongst grade school boys.

Through Capcom's video game offerings and Takara's toy offerings, Mega Man Battle Network has already established itself as a successful franchise, and with the introduction of the Navi Link System, it is expected that Mega Man will achieve a new level of innovative integration.

This brand new system will be introduced at Next Generation World Hobby Fair3 venues throughout Japan. There, children will have a chance to try out the Navi Link System. In addition, Mega Man Battle Network 6 and the Link PET EX will be available to play along with the Battle Chip Stadium. The "Beast Link Gate" going on sale January 26th will also be available for early purchase.

Note 1:

Mega Man Battle Network
This exciting digital action series follows the adventures of young Lan along with his Net Navi, Mega Man, inhabiting Cyberworld. Ever since the original game launched for the GBA on March 21st, 2001, Capcom has continued to produce games in the series while Takara has been producing the toy lineup. In addition, Mega Man Battle Network has been an ongoing comic since the January 2001 issue of Shogakukan's monthly Coro Coro Comic (circulation: 1.3 million). A cartoon anime series has been on the air since March 2002 and continues to this day in its 4th season. ("Mega Man Battle Network Beast" series shown Saturday mornings 8:30am - 9am on TV Tokyo and other networks).

Note 2:

Navi Link System
With Takara's introduction of the Beast Link Gate at the end of January, the Mega Man Battle Network 6 game and Link PET EX game crossover is realized (the Beast Link Gate is required to use Navi Data Chips with Mega Man Battle Network 6). In the past, the games and the toys have been able to interact with each other using Navi Data Chips, but the character data contained on them has always remained static. Now the data contained on the chips themselves can be modified (not directly through the GBA game). With modifiable character data, it is finally possible to have characters that grow and can be transferred back and forth between the game and toy. This will be followed up in Spring by the introduction of the Battle Chip Stadium kiosk in department stores, toy stores, etc. creating a fully interactive experience that can be enjoyed anywhere.

Note 3

Next Generation World Hobby Fair
This event is held twice a year and showcases video games, toys and hobby supplies aimed for children.


1/15/2006 (Sun)

9:00am - 4:00pm

:Osaka / Osaka Dome

1/21/2006 (Sat)
1/22/2006 (Sun)

} 9:00am - 4:00pm

:Tokyo / Makuhari Messe Convention Center

1/29/2006 (Sun)

9:00am - 4:00pm

: Nagoya / Nagoya Dome

2/05/2006 (Sun)

9:00am - 4:00pm

: Fukuoka / Fukuoka Yahoo!JAPAN Dome

Entrance Fee:



Next Generation World Hobby Fair Executive Committee

The Navi Link System allows data stored on the Navi Data Chip1 and Battle Chip1 to be shared between the Mega Man Battle Network 62 game, the Battle Chip Stadium (Spring 2006) and Takara's Link PET EX1.


The new model Navi Data Chip, new model Battle Chip and Link PET EX are all available at toy stores across Japan carrying Takara products.
For more information, contact Takara Customer Support ( Japanese only) at +81-3-3602-3030 (Tokyo) or +81-6-6339-6673 (Osaka).


The Beast Link Gate (sold separately, starting at the end of January 2006) is required for using the chips with the GBA game Mega Man Battle Network 6. The Beast Link Gate cannot be used with the Game Boy® Micro or Nintendo DS™.


The GBA Mega Man Battle Network game can be used to read Navi data via Navi Data Chips modified by the Link PET EX or the arcade machine, but cannot be used to write data to the chips.


For information about Mega Man Battle Network 6, please contact Capcom's user support center at +81-6-6946-3099.

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