Developer Interviews 2016

Developer Interviews 2016

With Capcom creating a string of fresh, original hit titles, the company is undertaking a multifaceted expansion across the globe. Capcom’s PR team interviews our developers to bring you the whole story behind how we plan, create, sell and ultimately succeed with our latest games. Hear about Capcom’s philosophy on development and the source of its capabilities, as told by the creators themselves. (Total of five interviews)

  • Volume 05 April 17, 2017

    05. Second to None: Continuously Rising to the Challenge Without Fear of Change, We Aspire to Be the World's No.1 Game Developer/ Yoichi Egawa/ Director and Executive Corporate Officer

  • Volume 04 March 30, 2017

    04. Diving into a World of Adventure in Online Development/ Kento Kinoshita/ Director, Section 2, Department 4, Consumer Games Development Division 3

  • Volume 03 January 25, 2017

    03. RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard Delivers a Fresh Taste of Fear to the World/ Jun Takeuchi/ Managing Corporate Officer, Head of Consumer Games Development Division 1

  • Volume 02 January 11, 2017

    02. Wowing U.S. and European Fans with the Most Intense Zombie Action Game Ever!/ Joe Nickolls/ Studio Director, Capcom Game Studio Vancouver, Inc.

  • Volume 01 December 22, 2016

    01.Virtual Love in the Palm of Your Hand A New Game Developed by Women, for Women/ Miwa Hara/ Senior Manager Section 4, Department 1 Consumer Games Development Division 1

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