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Our ESG Approach

As a member of the game industry and a trusted corporate member of society, Capcom strives to engage in positive social activities to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities.



Capcom’s Digital Contents business accounts for approximately 75% of the Group’s consolidated net sales and primarily entails the development and sale of software. This gives Capcom an environmental impact that is lower than the general manufacturing industry. Because our environmental impact comes largely from the power used at amusement facilities and for manufacturing amusement equipment, as well as from distributing our products, we are focused on saving energy.



Capcom is committed to serving as a responsible and trusted member of society. In addition to continuing to promote employee diversity as and training, we utilize our popular game characters to contribute to community revitalization and crime prevention.



Shareholders and investors have made the practical and effective functioning of internal control into a key issue amidst an epidemic of corporate misconduct in Japan and overseas.
In this section, Capcom will explain the corporate governance structure and mechanisms that it has initiated so far based on the key concepts of “effectiveness and visibility” in terms of the results of third party assessment.

Creating social value as a game publisher

Seeking a healthier relationship between games and society

With the rise in popularity of esports and the WHO’s international recognition of gaming disorder, in recent years gaming has transcended the framework of simple entertainment and is now recognized as content with a profound social impact. At Capcom, we believe that sustainable growth is achieved by delivering social and economic value, while at the same time building healthy relationships with stakeholders from the perspective of a game publisher. This entails tackling social issues through our business activities, such as training a workforce capable of succeeding on the global stage, and the creation of new markets.
We believe that the principle of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)*, namely that “all cultures and civilizations can contribute to sustainable development,” and our own corporate philosophy, which is that we are “creators of entertainment culture that brings you smiles and stimulates your senses,” are closely related. As such, in order to balance our own sustainable economic growth with a sustainable society, we intend to contribute to the development of social sustainability by selecting and clearly addressing four material issues within the ESG framework.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDGs are 17 goals that were adopted by the over 150 member countries of the United Nations at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit held in September of 2015 at the UN headquarters in New York. It was determined that in order to eliminate poverty and achieve a sustainable world, we must priotize the resolution of these 17 goals on a global scale.