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Integrated Report (Annual Report) Archives FY2009


Annual Report 2010 (Complete version)

  • Annual Report 2010

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Annual Report 2010 (By section)

  • 11-Year Summary of Consolidated Business


  • Introduction of Our Businesses


  • Business Segments Highlights


To Our Shareholders (From CEO & COO)

  • CEO’s Discussion on the Summary of This Year’s Performance and Medium- and Long-Term Business Goals
  • Conversation: A Journalist’s Perspective on Capcom’s Governance

Our Strategy for Growth (From COO)

Market Strategy Concentrating management resources on the growing online market for further growth
Development and Sales Strategies Maintaining stable profitability through the planned release of popular series
Media Strategy Multiuse of popular content in various media

Conversation: An Analyst’s Perspective on Capcom’s Strategy for Growth

Overview of Capcom’s Business and Outlook for the Future

  • Home Video Games
  • Contents Expansion
  • Arcade Operations
  • Arcade Games Sales
  • Other Businesses

To Fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility Educational Support

  • Corporate Governance
  • Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Directors and Corporate Auditors / External Directors’ Comments / Corporate Auditors’ Comments

Financial Section

  • 11-Year Summary of Consolidated Financial indicators
  • Financial Review
  • Business Risks and Other Risks
  • Consolidated Balance Sheets
  • Consolidated Statements of Income
  • Consolidated Statements of Changes in Net Assets
  • Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows
  • Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Report of Independent Auditors
  • Corporate Data


  • Stock Data


  • History


  • Capcom Investor Relations Website


Separate Volume: The Latest Development Report 2010


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