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Developer Interview 2015

The Head of Development Discusses Capcom's Development Policies

As a result of organizational restructuring conducted in February 2015, COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto was appointed Representative director in charge of the Consumer Games Business for the company. With the president leading development in this new structure, what are Capcom's next steps?

Division 1

Setting Sail into the Vast Ocean of the Virtual Reality Game Market

Jun Takeuchi

Managing Corporate Officer
Head of Consumer Games Development Division 1

Takeuchi worked as producer on "Lost Planet 2" and "Resident Evil 5". He focuses on the development of global titles.

Developing global intellectual properties with a diverse group of colleagues

"Wow, that was scary, but I want to keep playing—I can't stop!"
Development Division 1 aims to create games that users want to play over and over again. Beginning with "Resident Evil", our team is focused on developing intellectual property (IP) with strong global demand.
At the core of these efforts is our aim to create must-play games and to demonstrate the true value of entertaining games. Users constantly demand innovative new games.
However we cannot simply indulge their needs with superficial responses. The point is to be able to develop something that is a half-step ahead of user expectations—expectations which aren't readily apparent in the marketing data. To achieve this, we create teams that band tightly together while making use of each member's individual skills. As we are setting out into unexplored territory there are plenty of obstacles to overcome, but we do this together and enjoy the adventure; in this sense, we have to create a team similar to a band of pirates.

At present, we are focusing our energy on challenging the virtual reality (VR) game market. In this terrifying world, you can twist and turn as you like, but there's no escaping the creatures closing in on you…until you remove your VR headset and return to reality, that is. We delivered this very experienced with our "KITCHEN" VR technical demo at E3 2015.
The response was excellent. Currently, we are building a new game development engine able to support VR, which is the hottest market right now, while simultaneously developing titles for current game consoles. We have just set sail on our latest voyage.

An unmatched horror experience making use of the immersive experience only possible with a VR headset.

Division 2

Creating the Next Generation of Increasingly Realistic Online Games

Yoshinori Ono

Corporate Officer
Head of Consumer Games Development Division 2

Ono is Executive Producer of a number of popular home video game and online game titles, including the "Street Fighter" and "Monster Hunter Frontier" series.

Promoting a service-oriented business integrating development, management and operations

The challenge really begins after the game is purchased—that is how Development Division 2 creates games. Our division has been involved in the "Monster Hunter Frontier" series and numerous other online games.
The key to success in this market is management and services that continually entertain users. This is a service-oriented rather than a sell-through-oriented business. Thus, Development Division 2 practices integrated game creation, combining development, management and operations. Naturally, we create games that maximize the value of Capcom's intellectual property (IP), while also listening to user feedback and leveraging our know-how to enable the management of games that remain interesting day after day, week after week and month after month.

Because our business provides online play, strong IPs have the potential to expand beyond international borders. At present, we localize titles for distribution in Asia and mainland China through collaborations with local, prominent companies in this region. We are also establishing a title development and management structure with an eye to developing new business opportunities in North America. The litmus test for this endeavor is the release of "Street Fighter V", scheduled for February 2016. Are you familiar with "eSports"? This is a new breed of sports featuring competitive-multiplayer video game matches held in various countries around the world—complete with fireworks and an audience. Loaded with online community functionality, "Street Fighter V" is aimed at the "versus fighting game" market, whose passionate fan-base has driven eSports' growth. Through competitive events such as the Capcom Pro Tour, we will communicate the appeal of games while introducing new ways to enjoy them.

"Street Fighter V": The highly anticipated new title in the landmark "Street Fighter" series.

Division 3

Bonds and Relationships Between Colleagues Key to Developing Buzz-Creating "Monster Hunter" Games

Ryozo Tsujimoto

Corporate Officer
Head of Consumer Games Development Division 3

Tsujimoto worked as a planner in arcade game development before being put in charge of console title development. He has served as producer of the "Monster Hunter" series since the 2007 launch of "Monster Hunter Freedom 2".

Everything we do aimed at providing users with a new dimension of fun

"Monster Hunter" was born in an environment where technologies and ideas were teased out in a brainstorming free-for-all, by team members who are focused on creating an entertaining game everyone can get excited about. This marks the eleventh year since the very first game was released. With more than 30 titles, the series, affectionately nicknamed "Mon-Hun", has become a national pastime in Japan. As Capcom's most symbolic intellectual property (IP), a comprehensive array of merchandise, promotions, event planning, and development have been derived from this game.

Multiple titles are being simultaneously developed in order to not only meet the expectations of our fans, but also to attract new users. I think an important aspect in all of this is the relationships between our colleagues. We cut down on superfluous documentation and meetings while closely carrying out necessary communication. Our environment is tuned to facilitate flexible responses, like when someone thinks "this game element is interesting, let's try it in this other game". Furthermore, we have weekly meetings to strengthen the coordination between development and promotion. Ideally, everyone involved in a game's development should be moving forward rapidly in the same direction.

We plan to release a new series, "Monster Hunter X (Cross)" on November 28, 2015, as well as the "Monster Hunter" series' first RPG, "Monster Hunter Stories", in 2016.
After restructuring in July 2015, the "Sengoku BASARA" and "Ace Attorney" series are now also under the Development Division 3 umbrella. Going forward we will pull together and make every effort to provide users with fresh surprises and fun experiences.

"Monster Hunter" is pushing forward into a wide range of genres with "Monster Hunter" amusement card game machines and the RPG.


Advancing the Licensing Business in China and Asian Markets

Yuichi Ochi

General Manager of Asia Business R&D Department
Consumer Games Development Division 2

Ochi is in charge of the online and mobile business in Asia, and is president of Capcom Taiwan (established in 2012).
He worked to distribute the popular PC browser game "Onimusha Soul" and smartphone app "Monster Hunter Hunting Quest" in the Asian market.

Increasing the ratio of hit titles through the combination of local partnerships and Capcom's intellectual properties (IP)

There is no doubt that cultivating the Asian market represents a significant opportunity for Capcom. Without taking on this challenge, we cannot know what market trends or results to expect. Our first steps were taken with the establishment of Capcom Taiwan in 2012, which is currently engaged in game development and operations in the Taiwanese market, as well as localization and licensing aimed at China and Southeast Asia.

In terms of the huge Chinese market, we are currently collaborating with Tencent Holdings Ltd. in China to develop "Monster Hunter Online". Capcom oversees the game content and Tencent is responsible for seeing that development and operations are suited to Chinese user preferences. By promoting development and operations tailored to each country or region's characteristics, Capcom wishes to expand its business so that both users and partner companies alike are satisfied.

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