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Developer Interview 2014

05. Yoshinori Ono, Corporate Officer Head of Consumer Games Development Division 2 / Looking 10 years into the future and Taking on the challenge of entering the untapped Asian online game market

Entering the Asian market from our Taiwan base andEstablishing a strategic base for our business expansion into a huge market

-  First off, let me ask you how you are currently approaching the Asian online market.
We are entering mainland China's market through CAPCOM TAIWAN CO., LTD. (called "CAPCOM TAIWAN"), which was established in 2013. CAPCOM TAIWAN developed a Taiwanese version of "Onimusha Soul" as its first title, which received a gold medal in the Bahamut Game Awards. In addition, the company was able to turn a profit (on a non-consolidated basis) in its first year. Overall, I think CAPCOM TAIWAN is off to a solid start.
-  It seems that other projects are also going well in your Taiwan base.
Thank you very much for mentioning that. But, we cannot start celebrating yet. It's too early for us to tell whether such projects have been successful or not. CAPCOM TAIWAN was originally founded as a base that would allow us to enter the Chinese and the Southeast Asian markets, not to mention the Taiwanese market. We, therefore, believe that the subsidiary still has much time to exert its potential. CAPCOM TAIWAN, which has already established a foundation for entering mainland China and the areas to the south of Taiwan in its first year, is planning and making efforts to expand its business in areas to the west and south of China.
-  What are your thoughts on the Asian online game market?
We, in collaboration with Tencent Holdings Limited (Tencent) based in China, are planning to build up a market for "Monster Hunter Online". Tencent has impressively achieved an operating profit of about 1.3 billion dollars in the first quarter of fiscal year 2014 alone. This indicates that China is an amazingly enormous market for online games. It is possible for Capcom to reap great profit if it can manage to at least capture 1% of the market share. Thus, China has significant potential value.
-  So, you feel China is an attractive market.
More so than that, Japanese companies will face the issues of culture and language when entering the market. Collaborating with local companies, like Tencent, and using CAPCOM TAIWAN as an intermediary base to help resolve these issues are, therefore, essential.
-  How many people are working in CAPCOM TAIWAN right now?
There are around 80 people working there at the moment.
-  Are you planning to recruit and employ more people?
Definitely. CAPCOM TAIWAN has already upgraded to new offices three times since its founding and plans to hire more staff with the aim of having a total of around 100 people within two years.

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