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Developer Interview 2014

03. Teruki Miyashita,Senior Manager of Consumer Games Development Division 2 Department 2 Producers Section / Creating Next-Generation Games – The Fusion of Experience and New Technology Breathes Fresh Air into the Industry

"Mono-zukuri" (creation) for next-generation Capcom Expanding game development possibilities through the fusion of console and online games

-   What is the combined effect of console and online games?
As database analysis is also important in online games, we'd like to incorporate a combination of artistic aspects and system engineers' analysis results into the development and management of games to obtain combined effects. In the future, no matter what the platform, networks and the Internet will play a crucial role, and the game development process won't end at the launch of the game. Development at Capcom is also moving in this direction.
-   So you're saying Capcom is endeavoring to reform their "mono-zukuri" and corporate culture?
That's right. Capcom was originally good at providing all users with a great experience that is complete at the stage of planning. But, the idea of modifying games based on user response and offering our users a place where they can continuously play is still evolving in Capcom's culture. In my opinion, what will be important in the future, in addition to whatever delight we provide for the users, is figuring out how to incorporate freedom and flexibility for the users in our games.
-   We're getting close to the end here. Do you have any last remarks?
It would mean the world to us if we succeeded at establishing Capcom's new approach and foundations through the development of "deep down". Stay tuned and look forward to not only our games, but also our activities at Capcom in the future.

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Summarized developer interviews are also available in our latest Annual Report 2014.

The Annual Report page describes the contents of the latest version, and provides the link to our request form.

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