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Developer Interview 2014

03. Teruki Miyashita,Senior Manager of Consumer Games Development Division 2 Department 2 Producers Section / Creating Next-Generation Games – The Fusion of Experience and New Technology Breathes Fresh Air into the Industry

Online games and consumer games: The similarities and differences

-   Tell us about the development structure.
Many of the management members, including me, belong to Consumer Games Development Division 2 Department 2, but for "deep down", with the project goal of fusing our technological strength in consumer games with our traditional know-how in the management of online games, we organized a team with no barriers between development and management. This is not just for "deep down", but the policy at Capcom for future development.
-   What were some of the challenges to development?
We're still facing a ton of challenges (laughs). For starters, there's the whole process of developing games for the newest next-generation consoles. Every solution we came up with seemed to create more problems than it solved, so it has really been one step forward, two steps back the whole way. On top of all that, we had to tune up the servers for the online management aspects. We had a really hard time trying to develop a game that combined all the elements.
-   Do development or management members propose plans and ideas for online games?
Yes, there's no particular rule about who can make proposals. Any interesting ideas can be readily accepted anytime.
-   What are the plans, schedule-wise, after the launches?
Major updates are released regularly under a planned schedule. We expect for each new update to already be under development by the time we launch a certain service. We've drafted a schedule that looks far ahead for several years.
-   How long do you estimate users will play the games?
We're looking at a ten-year span for the online games. For the first three years, we'll be diving in deeply to see what features are popular among the users. That is to say, if we prepared five plans at the start of the service and two of them gained positive responses from the users, we will further develop those two and reform and transform the other three plans that didn't work out. Thus we can bring the service closer to what our users want and can enjoy for years to come. Even though we have already planned a schedule for a ten-year-period, we're always open to modifications.
-   So that means you'll be changing the service based on user response?
Yes, I'm personally very fond of this task. I'd be overjoyed if the users responded to, got excited about, and submitted various comments to our development and management team about our events (laughs). However, it could go either way, but I think the best part of online game development is to keep engaging in these types of interactions all the time.

-   How many people are involved in the development or management of an online game?
About 100 people are working on a large project, but the members are not fixed and are always shifting. Until the service gets going, the first group develops and produces the game as far along as they can, but if the same people are involved in the process for too long, the flow of ideas can come to a halt and innovation along with it. So I think mixing things up a bit is essential.
-   What skills do online game developers and producers need to have?
When it comes to personality traits, people who love regular festivals make for good developers and producers. I believe that the best people are those who get really excited about something and are completely happy to actively enjoy that one thing on a monthly basis, if possible.
-   That sounds reasonable. If you look at it that way, it's totally different from traditional console game development.
Exactly! In the past, the professional skills of each developer were quite helpful, but when developing online games, we have to establish a system, manage servers properly, and draw up plans for the game, thus, forcing us to organize a team of people with different backgrounds. As the members of a team tend to work with each other for a long time, the overall organizational strength is more important.
Also, when developing packaged games, once you've met the development deadline, it's over. In the case of an online game, the launch marks the beginning. For better or worse, the modifications never really come to an end. Figuring out how to encourage everyone to maintain a positive outlook and make the service better is one of the key challenges.

-   Finally, what features of consumer games would you like to incorporate into your online games?
Something that is characteristic of Capcom console game development is the high-quality of the "artists". I believe we must conserve their continual commitment to quality, but we also need to blend it with a set of core elements, such as the "rationale required to entice users to play continuously" and "the system we need" to generate a combined effect from the two divisions.
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