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Developer Interview 2014

03. Teruki Miyashita,Senior Manager of Consumer Games Development Division 2 Department 2 Producers Section / Creating Next-Generation Games – The Fusion of Experience and New Technology Breathes Fresh Air into the Industry

A New Approach for PlayStation®4 The "deep down" project

-   First, please tell us about your background and the projects you've been involved in.
Previously, my job had nothing to do with games – in fact I was a systems engineer. But after I started at Capcom, I learned how to use databases for games, and also got involved in sales promotions. As I specialized in graphic design and had been a gamer, I think I was able to effectively use my previous experience, including my systems engineering knowledge, as I joined the world of games. First, as an organizing director for the "Monster Hunter Frontier (MHF)" series, I was involved with promotions and event planning that aimed to get our users excited about the game. Then, when the development team integrated with the management team, I was involved in the development and management of the games as an assistant producer.
-   What titles are you involved in now?
I'm the organizing producer of the brand-new "deep down" game, which is being developed by the same department that designed "MHF".
-   Could you tell us about the concept of "deep down" that's under development now?
The main concept was for Capcom to take a different approach for the new PlayStation 4 platform. PlayStation 4's enriched network functionality led us to think that "online" could be a must-have even for console games. The plan started from the idea that we should try to make a full-scale online game for home video game consoles. To make the best use of the performance of PlayStation 4, we have brought our technological forces together in the development of "deep down".
-   That's interesting. Can you tell us about the game itself?
The most notable feature in "deep down" is that the latest next-generation consoles have allowed us to incorporate more incredible graphics than ever before. We're focusing on things like how to recreate real life gases and liquids, such as flames and running water. In addition, we can now portray minute details, such as the degree of rust in weapons and dirt on a piece of cloth.
In "deep down" basically, you will explore a dungeon, gather items to strengthen and refine your weapons and armor, and figure out riddles. However, because it's an online game, we will release special stories and additional events on a regular basis. Thus we'll be continuously expanding the game content so that you can enjoy it for a while to come.
-   What are the game's online features?
"deep down" will offer all kinds of adventure through the exploration of a wide range of dungeons. I can't talk about it in detail yet, but "deep down" boasts a brand new gaming experience which is unlike a traditional dungeon based game.
As for teaming up with other players online, we're thinking of some new team play ideas. We're also planning to incorporate some kind of all-player gaming experience, so that you can always be aware of the other players that are currently connected to the online gaming environment.
-   What else can you tell us about the game?
As "ravens", players will proceed through dungeons and have a special ability to read the memories of an object. "Emotions" are the key. We're working on bringing to fruition a game where you are overwhelmed with experiences that could not be seen in the real world, providing you with a constant thrill. I also believe that creating a feeling of realism is critical, and this holds true for the sounds. For instance, the voices of the "mementos (emotions)" come from the TV speakers at first, but after you pick up a certain object, you hear the voices coming from the controller in your hands. Say you put something in your pocket, you'll hear the sound right there near you—we can now offer you that kind of a "realer than real" gaming experience. This feeling of being "fully immersed" is of utmost priority to us.

-   Has the release schedule been fixed for the first stages of the game?
We have come up with a rough general schedule, but there's plenty of room for adjustments depending on the response from our users. We're not pushing any sort of fixed schedule.
-   It seems like you're focusing on a long-term game play approach.
Yes, you can say that. Incredible scenarios are, of course, attractive, but we must also be prepared to deliver a game where players can experience "intensive exploration through trial and error" that has an element of "progress". We are aiming for a game that is neither boring nor strenuous, and so the balance is important.
-   The sales method is also novel, isn't it?
The general plan is to make the game available as a free download but offer items that can be purchased by players. All you need is a PlayStation 4.
This is because we want you to start out by enjoying "deep down" with no strings attached, so that it leads to interest and long-term game play. We don't want to just release a traditional packaged game where the business ends as soon as the packaged game has been sold. Try it out, have fun, and keep playing. That's the way we're hoping things will work out.
-   There haven't been any games in this format before, huh?
That's right. This kind of game format for home consoles is unusual even at Capcom. But this business model has already been popularized by browser games and applications for smartphones. This could become a standard in the future. Although there's always pressure when any unusual initiative takes off, I think it's worth trying.
-   Is that so? So how are preparations coming along?
We are putting our shoulder to the wheel with the development of "deep down". We'd really like to create more opportunities for people to come into contact with the game. We just ask for a bit more patience from our users.

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