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Developer Interview 2014

02. General Manager of Arcade Operations Department  Junya Aoki/ Attracting New Customers with Flexible Expansion of Service and New Projects with Capcom's Unique Vision

Finding Unique Ways to Survive in a Difficult Business Environment

-   First of all, could you tell us about the current situation in the amusement facilities market?
In the past few years, the market has continued to gradually decline from year to year. However the recent lack of sudden changes shows a trend toward relative stability.
-   What do you think are the reasons for the declining market?
Due to the rising popularity of handheld game consoles and smartphones, entertainment has become more diversified. Consequently, amusement facilities do not have the prominence in the market that they once did.

-   How is Capcom maintaining its interests?
Since most of Capcom's stores are located in shopping malls, our primary goal is targeting families. For this reason, we are implementing a variety of programs and events to appeal to men and women of all ages.
-   What kinds of events do you hold?
For example, we hand out tickets for a free round of playing our games, so that even customers who don't usually play games feel free to try them out, and we also hold regular bingo events. For children, we have character costumes to play with, and in the first half of this year, we also introduced "Asobi Okoku Peekaboo", a pay-per-hour kids' corner designed in collaboration with Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd. (Gakken Group) and Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (Dai Nippon Printing).
-   What kind of responses and feedback do you get from these events?
Many customers find amusement facilities intimidating, so in some cases these events are their reason for coming. Holding most of our events over the weekend, when many families come to the shopping malls, has attracted more customers to our stores.
-   How has the consumption tax increase affected you?
After the tax increase, customers' mindset changed, and there has been a temporary decline in spending. We are planning to minimize the impact of this by working to improve the value of the services we offer in our amusement facilities, and attracting more customers through our events and newly-introduced kids' corners.

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Summarized developer interviews are also available in our latest Annual Report 2014.

The Annual Report page describes the contents of the latest version, and provides the link to our request form.

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