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Developer Interview 2014

01. Director, Consumer Games Development Division 3 Department 3 Project Planning Section
  Kaname Fujioka/ With the Support of Its Fans, Monster Hunter Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary: Continuing Progression and Growth

"Monster Hunter" Has Been Supported by Fans for 10 Years We Are Grateful and Look Forward to the Next 10 Years

-   You planned so many events to celebrate the 10th anniversary this year.
Starting with "Monster Hunter the Real" at Universal Studios Japan, we held many events like a collaboration with Shibu Onsen (hot spring), the 10th anniversary exhibition, an orchestra concert, and products in collaboration with our partners. We held these events to express our appreciation again for the support of our fans over the course of these ten years. We also wanted them to get a sense of the future of "Monster Hunter", and look forward to the next ten years.

-   The partners are very enthusiastic about the collaborations, too.
Indeed. We are truly grateful for the quality of their ideas. For example, one partner did a retake on a scene that was already approved by Capcom's supervisor, because they didn't think it was good enough. Seeing that kind of attitude, we feel we need to work harder too. Instead of just resting on our laurels as content creators, we need to develop new strategies to surprise the public.
-   I have heard that you are planning to hold an event called "Monster Hunter Festa"* As of October 10, 2014
The events like Festa are valuable for us because they give us opportunities to communicate with users directly. I started my career as a designer, and at that time, I thought design was the only requirement for completing a game. But as a director, I have worked with more people than before, and realized how many people both inside and outside the company think about "Monster Hunter". I get the chance to meet various people at these events, and hearing their opinions directly is often inspiring.
-   These voices pave the way for the next ten years of "Monster Hunter".
Indeed. I hope the 20th anniversary celebration will be even more exciting.
-   In closing, will you tell us the future plans for the "Monster Hunter" series?
Personally, I think it is time for the "Monster Hunter" world to stand on its own feet. A game is just one representation of this world. We hope to create a concrete worldview so that the keyword Monster Hunter alone makes users imagine various things.
-   But isn't the worldview of "Monster Hunter" already well established?
Thank you, I'm glad you think so. But we think part of our success so far has been a result of trends. We want to keep the momentum going, and further expand our user base. I hope that in the future, everybody will know "Monster Hunter", more and more people will talk excitedly about it, and many job applicants will choose Capcom because they want to take part in developing the games.

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